Lingyun Temple in Leshan

Why is Lingyun Temple So Special?

Sichuan Lingyun Temple, surrounded by nine mountains, than Leshan Buddha was built a hundred years earlier. After thousands of years of continuous repair and repair, save to the present appearance. Because there is a big Buddha in front of the temple, it is also called the Great Buddha Temple. Now yuling Yun Temple, although the face has not been as good as the initial phase, time and space is also different, but can feel the ancient people’s virtue of the place.

Where is Lingyun Temple?

Lingyun Temple is located at Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot, No. 2435, Lingyun Road, Shizhong District, Leshan City, and the Chinese address is: 乐山市市中区凌云路2435号乐山大佛景区内. The temple lies about 154 km from Chengdu (成都), the capital of Sichuan province (四川省).

How to Get Lingyun Temple?

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Independent Travel

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Lingyun temple lies about 6 km from Leshan City, you can take bus No.3, 13, 18  from Leishan City to the temple.

Main Attractions in Lingyun Temple

Heavenly King Hall

Hall of the Great Hero

Scripture Collection Hall

Lingyun Temple is a must-visit for spiritual travelers and first-time visitors to the Leshan Giant Buddha.

Best Time to Lingyun Temple

The best time to visit the temple and its surroundings is during spring or fall, when weather is mild and rainstorms are less frequent. Summer tends to be the wettest season in Leshan, while winter temperatures can get chilly. Avoid visiting on Chinese national holidays, when the temple is packed with Chinese tourists.

Useful Travel Tips

Day trips to the temple and Buddha statue typically last about eight hours.
Most tours include a Szechuan lunch at a local restaurant, as well as round-trip transportation from Chengdu hotels.

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