Lijiang Bus Station

The city Lijiang has three long distance bus station, naming Lijiang Bus Station, Lijiang Express Bus Station (Lijiang Gaokuai Passenger Station) and Lijiang Tourist Bus Station respectively. Locating at No. 337, Changshui Road with Naxi Hotel on the side, Lijiang Tourist Bus Station operates Lijiang to Dali as well as Lijiang to Kunming bus lines only. Lijiang Express Bus Station or Lijiang Gaokuai Passenger Station locates at No. 925 Shangri La Avenue. In this article, we will feature on Lijiang Bus Station, the largest and the most used bus station by travelers in Lijiang.

  • ADDRESS25 Kangzhong Lu, Lijiang
  • PHONE(0888) 5121106

Name:Lijiang Bus Station
Address: No. 25, Kangzhong Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang. 古城区康仲路25号
Opening Hours: 07:00 to 22:00, Monday to Sunday

Lijiang Bus Station
☝ Lijiang Bus Station

Lijiang Bus Station, or Lijiang Transport Service Center Bus Station, locating southwest to Lijiang Old Town on the Changshui Road, is the largest and the most trustworthy public transport station in Lijiang. It operates more than 30 provincial and inter-provincial routes with a fleet of 300 buses transporting 4,000 to 5,000 passengers per day.

The station building has two floors with the ticket office and the standard waiting room located on the ground floor and the VIP waiting room and toilet rooms on the second floor.

Lijiang Bus Station has state of the art facilities which include automatic ticket vending machine, automatic ticket checking apparatus and etc to speed up the check in and boarding procedures.


Travelers ar advised to go to Lijiang Bus Station to take the shuttle buses for following destinations including Kunming, Dali Xiaguan, Shangri La, Heqing, Yongsheng, Sanchuan and etc. Besides these, Lijiang Bus Station also has daily buses for Lugu Lake, Chengdu, Chongqing, Panzhihua, Xichang, Xishuangbanna Jinghong, Pu’er, Ruili, Baoshan, Lincang, Tengchong, Chuxiong Guangtong, Liuku, Weixi, Weixi Tacheng, Deqin, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Lanping, Eryuan, Jianchuan, Ninglang, Yongning, Huaping, Taiji, Pianjiao, Shouyuan, Qina, Xinghu, Sanchuan and Jinjiang Village. Please go to the homepage to find the schedule, riding time and distance, ticket price and etc.

Lijiang Bus Station Schedule
☝ Bus Departure Board at Lijiang Bus Station

Lijiang Bus Station to Old Town

Lijiang Bus Station locates 4 km southeast to Lijiang Old Town. Passenger can travel between the two places by transit bus or taxi.

🚌 the most economic way would be to travel by bus route 11. Riding time is about 30 minutes and ticket fare is 1 Yuan.

🚕 to travel between Lijiang Bus Station and the Old Town by the taxi, it takes about 15 minutes and taxi fare is CNY 20 Yuan maximum.

Lijiang Bus Station to Lijiang Sanyi International Airport

Lijiang Airport locates 28 kilometers south to Lijiang Bus Station. You can travel between the two places by buses or taxi.

🚌 Direct bus is not available. To travel from Lijiang Bus Station, you can take bus route 11 to the Bluesky Hotel station (蓝天宾馆)firstly. From Bluesky Hotel, there are shuttle buses running for Lijiang Airport from 06:30 to 22:00. Riding time for the two journeys is about 70 minutes and cost is 21 Yuan.

🚕 to travel from Lijiang Bus Station to Lijiang Airport by the taxi, it takes about 40 minutes and a rough estimation for taxi fare would be 100 to 120 Yuan.

Lijiang Bus Station
☝ No. 1 Waiting Room of Lijiang Bus Station

Lijiang Bus Station to Lijiang Railway Station

Lijiang Railway Station locates 6 kilometers south to Lijiang Bus Station. You can take city bus route 18 to get there. Riding time is about 40 minutes and ticket fare is 1 Yuan.

To travel by taxi, it takes about 20 minutes and rough cost would be 35 Yuan.

Service Review

Lijiang Bus Station is well rated among passengers. To provide traveler friendly environment, it even has dedicated smoking area. The waiting rooms are well maintained providing charging station, free Wifi access and etc.

On the other hand, the bus station is complained for delaying bus departures. Passengers waiting on the ground floor also reported that they would have to go upstairs to use toilets.