Wangxiangu Valley Scenic Spot in Shangrao, Jiangxi

Wangxian Valley Scenic Area is located in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, about 80 kilometers away from the city center. With a long history and rich cultural heritage, plus its unique natural scenery, it has attracted countless tourists to explore. Wangxian Valley Scenic Area is a tourist attraction that integrates mountains, water, culture, and ecology. With its clear rivers and beautiful scenery, it is known as the “first oxygen bar in Jiangnan”. Wangxian Valley not only has magnificent natural landscapes, but also carries a deep historical and cultural heritage, making it an ideal destination for tourists to vacation, relax, and sightseeing.

Transportation Guide:

Airplane: After arriving in Shangrao City, you can take the airport bus to the city center and then transfer to a bus or taxi to Wangxian Valley.

Train: Shangrao City has several train stations, so you can choose to arrive by train. After arriving at the train station, you can take a bus or taxi to Wangxian Valley.

Self-driving: You can navigate to “Shangrao Wangxian Valley” to plan the appropriate self-driving route. There is a parking lot in the scenic area for tourists to park for free.

Ticket Information:

The ticket price is 120 yuan (before 22:00).

Accommodation Options:

There are various types of homestays available within the scenic area and within 5 kilometers of the surrounding area. If you want to experience a more immersive fairyland life, you can choose to stay at a homestay within the scenic area, which can also save you a day’s ticket fee.

If you want to experience the fairyland world more deeply, you can find a Hanfu store inside and outside the scenic area and change into a splendid costume, as if you have traveled back to the ancient fairyland world. Yuchu Hanfu is an excellent choice, as they offer a wide range of clothing options and detailed makeup.

Touring Route: The entire scenic area is not very large, so you can explore it all in one day. Start at the visitor center – camping area – waterfall group – Mixiankou – Rock Square – Baowei Street – Ju Xian戏台 – Zongci Square – Hu Zongci (15:30-16:00 Han marriage program) – Workshop Street – Three Gods Temple – Bonfire Square – Baiheya (light up at around 18:20) – Xile Bridge – Zhuixian Bridge – Zhuixian Street – Lan Yue Bridge – Baihu Bridge – Changkong Bridge – Drifting Square – Ming Chan Alley – Leida Stone – Theater Square (20:00 bonfire party) – exit the scenic area. We especially recommend entering the park around 2:00 pm, so you have enough time to experience all the attractions and programs.

The tour route passes through the following attractions:

Entrance Scenic Area: After entering Wangxian Valley, you will first arrive at the entrance scenic area. Here, the trees are lush and the environment is beautiful. Visitors can take photos and start exploring.

Qinglong Pool: Along the tour route, visitors will arrive at Qinglong Pool. The water in Qinglong Pool is green and clear, and the pond is transparent. Visitors can take a bamboo raft to explore and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the coast.

Xiangu Island: Continue forward, visitors will arrive at Xiangu Island. There is an ancient Xiangu Temple on the island, which honors the legendary Xiangu. Visitors can pray and visit here.

Xianshen Cave: Xianshen Cave is a major feature of Wangxian Valley, with strange-shaped stalactites and magnificent beauty. Visitors can enter the cave to explore and experience the wonders of nature.

Sandei Spring: Sandei Spring is the iconic attraction of Wangxian Valley, with water cascading down in three layers. Visitors can enjoy the scenery of the splashing water and taste the sweet spring water.

Love Valley: Love Valley is a love-themed attraction in Wangxian Valley, with attractions such as the Magpie Bridge and the Unity Lock. Visitors can take photos and feel the romantic atmosphere of love here.

Must-visit Streets:

Baowei Street: This street has various delicious and affordable snacks and specialties, making it a great place to taste the local food during your stay in Wangxian Valley.

Lingguang Street: The entire street is styled in the 1970s and 1980s, bringing you back to that era.

Workshop Street: There are many traditional handicraft stores on this street, where you can find souvenirs with local characteristics.

Ming Chan Alley: There are many handicraft products here, which are perfect for you to experience and appreciate.

5. Storytelling: Near Rock Square, you can find a comfortable seat and listen to a storytelling session to pass the time.

Han Marriage Performance: Inside the scenic area, there is an impressive Han marriage performance that you cannot miss in Wangxian Valley.

Bonfire Party: The atmosphere is lively and is perfect as the end of your entire journey.

Must-visit Spots:

Baiheya: This is the best location to view the cliff area, where you can overlook the entire scenic area with an excellent view. At the same time, the glass walkway here is also an experience you cannot miss.

Lan Yue Bridge: This is the best viewing spot for the cliff area from a distance, whether during the day or at night, you can enjoy different scenery here.

Baihu Bridge: This is an excellent choice for shooting ancient style photos.

Scenic Area Exit: This is the best location to capture the “Z” shape of the cliffs, which is basically a must-visit spot for every tourist.

Food Recommendations:

Shangrao Rice Noodles: Shangrao Rice Noodles have a delicate texture and a delicious taste. Visitors can enjoy authentic Shangrao Rice Noodles in the scenic area.

Glutinous Rice Balls: Glutinous Rice Balls are a specialty of Wangxian Valley, with a soft texture and a sweet taste. Visitors can try the delicious Glutinous Rice Balls.

Deep-fried tofu: Deep-fried tofu is crispy and delicious, one of the specialties of Wangxian Valley. Visitors can enjoy the fragrant deep-fried tofu.