Jinjiang Action Park in Shanghai

Why is Jinjiang Action Park in Shanghai so Special?

Jinjiang Action Park is a large amusement park, containing about 40 land and water entertainment facilities. If the kids protest against sightseeing, the roller coasters, rides and huge Ferris wheel at this amusement park may mollify them. It has 40 amusement projects and is also suitable for tourists of all ages. It receives about 1 million tourists every year.

Where is Jinjiang Action Park in Shanghai? 

The Jinjiang Action Park is located at No. 201 Hongmei Road in Xuhui District, Shanghai.

How to Get There?

  • Take Metro Line 1, and get off at Jinjiang Park Station. Then leave from Exit 2 and walk west. Enter the park from the east gate.
  • Take Bus No. 757 or the Gumei Loop Line, and get off at Hongmeilu Huminlu Station. Enter the park from the east gate.
  • Take Bus No. 50, 122, 131, 166, 703, 704, 704B, 712, 725, 735, 747, 803, 816, Hongqiao Transport Hub Line 1, Shangshi Line, or Xumin Line and get off at Huminlu Hongmeinanlu Station. Enter the park from the east gate.
  • Take Bus No. 257 and get off at Guijianglu Huminlu Station. Enter the park from the east gate.
  • Take Bus No. 218, 703B, 729, 731, 755, 804, 865, 1202, or Minhang Line 22, and get off at Hongmeinanlu Meilonglu Station. Enter the park from the east gate.


Roller Coaster

Roller coaster in Jinjiang action park is a large forward-backward reciprocating ride.. It can carry 24 tourists at a time. Two heads up, it looks like a dragon. Sitting in the hut, visitors will have a wonderful feeling of rolling in the sky. 

Shanghai Ferris Wheel

Shanghai Ferris wheel is China’s first giant Ferris wheel over 100 meters (328 feet). Its total height is 108 meters (354 feet) and its diameter is 98 meters (322 feet). It takes about 25 minutes to make a circle. Ferris wheel contains 42 cabins, which are all well-designed unique, colorful and bright. The interior decoration is spacious and comfortable. Equipped with computer-controlled high-power lighting, it looks like a colorful moon at night.

Canyon Rafting

This is the super large water entertainment facility of Jinjiang Amusement Park, suitable for tourists of all ages. Sitting on a raft down the river is like swimming in the green water of the mountain. The current is slow and fast.

Price of the Entertainment Facilities

Motorized Roller Coaster: CNY 30 Volcano Movie Theater: CNY 40
Roller Coaster: CNY 25 4D Movie: CNY 25
Peak No.1: CNY 40 Shanghai Ferris Wheel: CNY 40
Moto Disco: CNY 20 Magic Windmills: CNY 25
Joy Land: CNY 20 Wave Tumbling: CNY 30
Awesome Space Travelers: CNY 20 Rapid-firing Gun: CNY 10
Canyon Raft Ride: CNY 20 Layered Merry-go-around: CNY 10
Flume Ride: CNY 20 Swinger: CNY 10
Pirate Ship: CNY 15 Horror House: CNY 10
Spinning Coaster: CNY 20 Bumper Car without Net: CNY 10
Airship Around the World: CNY 15 Bicycle Monorail: CNY 30
Karst Cave Coaster: CNY 20 Royal Scenery Raft: CNY 10
Super Swing: CNY 15 Bumper Boat: CNY 10
Bumper Car: CNY 10 

Useful Travel Tips

  • Entrance Fee: 

Through Ticket: CNY 130
Combo Ticket with six entertainment facilities: CNY 110
Combo Ticket with two entertainment facilities: CNY 70
P.S. The above three tickets do not cover Shanghai Ferris Wheel. 
PP.S.Children under 1.4m (4.6 feet) can buy a sightseeing ticket at the cost of CNY 20, but no entertainment facilities are included.

  • Opening Hours:

April to October: 09:00 – 17:30, the closing time extends to 22:00 in July and August
November to March: 09:15 – 17:00

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Edited by Olive Zhang/张银芳