How to Plan a Shanghai Tour

How to Plan a Shanghai Tour

Choose a Gateway City

When you come to Shanghai, Shanghai is the first choice to get to China to appreciate the charm of Shanghai. Of course, you can also get to China from BeijingGuangzhou, the main gateway cities in China.

Make Travel Duration Sure(How Long to Stay)

Visit Shanghai in one day

If you only spend one day on visiting Shanghai, you are recommended to visit the most famous towers like Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Bund, Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, or cycle around the Huangpu River and visit some pedestrian streets to experience the prosperous metropolis, such as Nanjing Road.

The recommended tours:

Visit Shanghai in 2-3 days

If you want to spend 2-3 days on visiting Shanghai, you can wander the exquisite and classic Yuyuan Garden, enjoy a nice panoramic view for the oriental Pearl TV Tower, view the coexistence of classic and modernist style architectures along the Bund.

The Recommended tour:

Visit Shanghai in 4-7 days

If you want to stay in Shanghai for 4-7 days, you can take a Shanghai in-depth tour.  You can enjoy an acrobatic show in the evening, wander the exquisite and classic Yuyuan Garden, have a nice panoramic view from the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, explore the Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, known as the Oriental Venice and so on.

The recommended tours:

Visit Shanghai in more days

If you want to stay in Shanghai for more than 7 days,  you can take a tour from Shanghai to other places, like Beijing, ZhangjiajieGuilinKunming. At present, there are many international and many domestic flights to and from Shanghai. Also, you can arrive in Shanghai city by taking a high speed train from Beijing, Xian, Suzhou, Huangshan, and so on.

The recommended tours:

Make the Tour Theme Sure

Shanghai, as the most developed city in China, is different from the other cities. Come here, you can find all kinds of theme tours, such as Beijing Shanghai ToursBeijing Xian Chengdu Guilin Shanghai ToursBeijing Xian Guilin Shanghai ToursBeijing Xian Yangtze Guilin Shanghai ToursShanghai Adoption Heritage Tours. Shanghai Tour Packages range from 1 day to 25 days.

Travel Shanghai with other destinations

As the most popular gateway to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Mount Huangshan, Shanghai is a city connected to other cities by high speed train. It is very convenient to get to southern cities from and to Shanghai by train. Therefore, therefore, Shanghai Tours are always connected to Suzhou, Hangzhou and other areas in the Jiangnan area(the regions south of the Yangtze River). What’s more, from Jan. 30, 2016, visa-free travel is possible for travelers from 51 countries who want to  travel Shanghai, JiangsuZhejiang for 144 hours.