Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in Chengdu

Chinese Name:成都杜甫草堂
Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum is the former residence of Du Fu, a famous Chinese poet in the Tang Dynasty. Du Fu had lived at here for nearly four years, leaving more than 240 poems. Wei Zhuang, a Tang poet, found the site, rebuilt the hut, so that it can be preserved. In Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties it have been repaired and extended.
Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum covers an area of nearly 300 acres, remaining intact architectural pattern in Ming and Qing Dynasty. The buildings are simple and elegant , and the gardens are beautiful and quiet. This place is a holy site in Chinese literature history. Du Fu Memorial Hall was established in 1955 and renamed Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum in 1985.


  1. Du Fu had lived at here for nearly four years, leaving more than 240 poems.
  2. Wei Zhuang, a Tang poet, found the site, rebuilt the hut
  3. the first national key cultural relics protection units
  4. the first batch of national first-grade museums
  5. the national key protected units of ancient books
  6. the national AAAA level tourist attractions.
  7. It’s China’s largest, best preserved, well known and most unique place of Du Fu’s whereabouts.


1.1km from Sichuan Museum


From Chengdu downtown, travelers can transfer to Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum with flexible of choices of transportation.

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Independent travel

For Independent travelers you can take bus line (19 Road, 35 Road, 58 Road, 82 Road, 151 Road, 165 Road, 170 Road, 309 Road, 319 Road.  ) The museum also has its own tourist line ( Du Fu Thatched Cottage – Wuhou Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage – Jinsha site, Du Fu Thatched Cottage – Yongling, then get off at “Songxianqiao”station.


Du Fu

Du Fu (AD 712 – AD 770), Han nationality, came from Xiangyang. He called himself

“ Shaolingyelao .Du Fu is a great realistic poet in the Tang Dynasty, and he and Li Bai were collectively called “Li Du”.

Du Fu’s influence in Chinese classical poetry is very far-reaching, and he was called as “Poet Immortal “by later generations. His poems are called “poetic history.”

Although his fame was not prominent during his lifetime, but later, his reputation were widespread. His poems had a profound impact on Chinese literature as well as Japanese literature.  About 1500 poems of Du Fu have been preserved

Pavilion layout

Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum have been repaired and expanded in the Song ,Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. It has evolved into a site that has both the pattern of the ancestral shrine and the poet’s old building style. The museum is simple and elegant cultural mecca with quiet and beautiful garden

The museum is divided into different section according to the functions: cultural relics attractions (grass house site), landscape attractions (Meiyuan) and service area (Caotang Temple). In the former site of the Thatched Cottage, the screen wall , the main entrance, the big hall and the history hall of poetry are arranged on a central axis with symmetrical corridors and other ancillary buildings on both sides. “Shaolin Cottage” pavillion , a symbol of Du Fu’s hut, has become an iconic attractions of Du Fu Thatched Cottage and Chengdu’s famous landscape.


Main Entrance
Plum Garden
Wooden Gate
Poetry Hall
Thatched Cottage
The screen wall
Flower Road
Shaoling  Pavilion
Poetry Exhibition
Du Fu Calligraphy Woodcut Gallery
Wanfo Building
Ruins of Tang Dynasty


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Nearby Attractions

Sichuan Museum

Sichuan Museum is one of the most important places to collect and display Sichuan cultural relics.The existing collections of cultural relics in Sichuan  Museum are 300,000 pieces, of which the most unique is Bashu bronze,

Zhang Daqian paintings,  Han Dynasty portrait brick and pottery, and so on.

Useful Travel Tips

Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum has three doors, most of the visitors access from the main entrance (Thatched Cottage Road 28) and the South Gate.

Common tourist route is: Main Entrance (Entrance) – the big hall – Poetry History Hall – Gongbu Temple – Shaoling Stela Pavilion – the former residence – the Ruins of the Tang Dynasty – Poetry of Du Woodcut Gallery – Miniascape Garden – Huanhua Ancestral Hall – the Screen Wall- Daya Hall –Wangfo Building – South Gate (out).