Jinsha Site Museum in Chengdu

Why is Jinsha Site Museum So Special?

Jinsha Site was the capital of the ancient Shu Kingdom, which is considered to be the ancient civilization center along Yangtze River. It is the first significant archaeological discovery in China at the beginning of the 21st century, and also a significant archaeological event following the discovery of the Sanxingdui site in Sichuan Province. This is a site museum for the conservation, study and exhibition on Jinsha culture and ancient Shu civilization, which composed of Relics Hall, Exhibition Hall, Tourist Center, Preservation Center and so on.

Where is Jinsha Site Museum?

The Museum of Jinsha site is only five kilometers from the Tianfu Square in the center of the city. The museum lies about 7 km from Chengdu Railway Station, and about 23 km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.

How to Get to Jinsha Site Museum?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

By Bus:  Take the bus No. 5, No. 79, No. 83, No. 111, No. 123, No. 147 or No. 163 and get off at the North Qingyang Avenue Station or take the bus No. 7 and get off at the Jinsha Site Road Intersection

By Metro: 

Line Metro7 is located near the east gate and South Gate of Jinsha Site Museum

Metro2 line one product world station is only 300 meters away from Jinsha Site Museum

Line Metro4 Cultural Palace Station is only 200 meters away from the South Gate of Introduction

What to See in Jinsha Site Museum?

Gold Mask

Gold Mask: Height: 11cm; Width: 19.5cm; Depth: 0.04cm. It has rectangular face with flat forehead, convex eyebrows, big precluding eyes, high bridge of nose, and rectangular ear carving ear hole. It seems to be a dignified appearance. So far, this is the biggest and most well-preserved gold mask at the same period of China.

Bronze Bird

Bronze Bird: Height: 5.3cm; Width: 5cm. Most of the bronze birds unearthed at Jinsha have a vivid image: perking head, prominent eyes, drawn-in wings, and drooping tail features. Almost all the bronze birds have remnants of some broken part under the belly, indicating they used to be ornaments on a large bronze.

Jade Dagger-Axe

Jade Dagger-Axe: Height: 36.2cm; Width:4.3cm; Depth: 0.71cm. It is made of grayish white jade, with translucent material. There are some yellow, black and brown stains on the surface left by permeation. A rectangular block are located on both sides near the handle, where crossing rhombic pattern are chiseled.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. The detailed opening time of the museum: 

Summer time: May 1st to Oct 31th, 8:30-20:00 (ticket is available until 19:00)

Winter time: Nov 1st to Apr 30th, 8:30-18:30 (ticket is available until 17:30)

Closed on Mondays except for Jan, Feb, July, Aug, statutory holidays, and grand events.

      2.  Where to buy a ticket:

South Gate (No. 2, Jinsha Yizhi Road), East Gate (No. 227, Qingyang Avenue) and North Gate (No. 3, Jinbo Road) of Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum
Ticketing time: 8∶00——17∶30 Summer time (May 1st to Oct 31th) 8:00-19:00

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