Zhengzhou Attractions

Zhengzhou Attractions include a list of top things to do and must-see attractions in Zhengzhou Henan. Zhengzhou is an excellent tourist city in China, with numerous historical and cultural landscapes and rich natural landscape resources. Zhengzhou has numerous cultural relics and historic sites, including the ancient city, ancient culture, ancient tombs, ancient buildings, ancient passes and ancient battlefields, a total of more than 10000 ruins. 

Top Attractions in Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou has 2 places and 15 items of world cultural heritage (The Centre of Heaven and Earth and the Grand Canal). In Zhengzhou, there is "The first Temple in the world"- Shaolin Temple, world-famous Shaolin Kung Fu, the first batch of world geopark- Zhongyue Songshan, spiritual home for Chinese at home and abroad- Hometown of Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan, the earliest extant astronomical observatory in China- Dengfeng Observation Platform, the oldest Taoist temple- Zhongyue Temple, one of the four major academies in China- Songyang Academy, and other numerous tourist attractions. 

Children-Friendly Attractions in Zhengzhou

If you're planning to travel to Zhengzhou with kids, the city has a range of attractions to keep you and your kids busy. There are zoos, nature parks, and amusement parks for the whole family to explore and spend a great time in Zhengzhou. Here are some of the best child-friendly attractions in Zhengzhou.

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Temples and Mosques in Zhengzhou

There are five major religions in Zhengzhou, namely, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity. Here below are some places of religious activity. 

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Museums in Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou boasts a long and profound history, with Xuanyuan Huang Emperor born and then made the capital on this land 5000 years ago. It should come as no surprise then that Zhengzhou is home to an impressive number and variety of museums. Whether you're interested in local history, art or geology, a museum is a great way to kill your time on a miserable day.

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Parks, Gardens, Zoos in Zhengzhou

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Historical and Cultural Sites in Zhengzhou

Places for Holiday in Zhengzhou

Streets in Zhengzhou

Mountains in Zhengzhou

Other Attractions in Zhengzhou

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