Fawang Temple in Dengfeng, Zhengzhou

Why is Fawang Temple So Special?

Fawang Temple features Chinese pagodas that were built during the Tang Dynasty (618–907). The most prominent of these early Tang era pagodas is a 40 m (131 ft) tall square-based stone tower with eaves, its ground floor measuring 7 m (23 ft) on each side with 2 m (6.5 ft) thick walls. Inside this pagoda is a shrine and a jade statue of the Buddha that was presented to the pagoda in 1409 by a member of the royal family stationed in Luoyang during the Ming Dynasty.

Where is Fawang Temple?

Fawang Temple is a Chinese Buddhist temple located 5 km northwest of the city of Dengfeng in Henan province. The temple is arranged at the base of the Yuzhu Peak of Mount Song

How to Get to Fawang Temple?

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Independent Travel

For independent travelers you can 

Take bus No.2 and No.6 to Songyang academy, then take a taxi to Fawang temple.

Main Attractions in Fawang Temple

Ancient Pagoda

There is an ancient pagoda with a height of more than 40 meters in the north of the temple. It has 15 floors, which is called “Fawang pagoda”. It is the most noticeable of these early Tang time pagodas, with a 40 m 131 ft tall square-based stone pinnacle with roof, its ground floor estimating 7 m 23 ft on each agree with 2 m 6.5 ft thick dividers. This pagoda takes after the comparable outline style of other Tang pagodas, for example, multi-eaved, square-based Xumi Pagoda and Small Wild Goose Pagoda. 

Moon Watching

Songmen Daiyue (Waiting for the moon in Song Gate) is a famous scenic spot in China. Song gate is on the east side of Fawang temple. The two peaks are facing each other, just looks like a gate. It is commonly known as Yuejia mountain. Every year on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, the bright moon rises in the east when the moon rising to the middle of the two peak, it is the best time to enjoy the amazing scenery Songmen Daiyue. 

Cultural Relic

Jade box is one of the many relics unearthed from Fawang Temple. This box is a jade box with the image of an ancient maid. It has a bird’s head, and looks like a girl is playing flute. The jade box is exquisitely made with very smooth lines. The carved feathers, the hair on the head, and the shape of the figures are all Tang Dynasty crafts, and the carved lines are very delicate.

Useful Travel Tips

  1. While visiting a Buddhist Temple, it is necessary to wear properly.
  2. Before you take a picture, make sure you got a permission.

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