Dahecun Ruins in Zhengzhou

Why is The Dahecun Ruins So Special?

12km north of Zhengzhou, the large scale Zhengzhou Dahecun Ruins  offers a good model  of Yangshao culture with many well preserved building foundations in a unique “Wood & Bone”  architectural style. It also offers an important resource for further research into ancient Chinese constructions methods.

The Dahecun Ruins in Zhengzhou has a large area, rich relics, long duration, and a wide range of cultural contents, which is rare in other ancient sites in the Central Plains. The discovery and excavation of Dahe village site not only provided important material and solid stratigraphic evidence for the study of the long historical process from primitive clan society to slave society, but also provided a yardstick for the study of the development sequence, stage division and type of Yangshao culture in the Central Plains, and also provided a yardstick for the study of the relationship between the Central Plains and the primitive cultures in the lower reaches of the Yellow River and Jianghan river basin at the same time The basis is provided.

How to Get to Dahecun Ruins?

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Independent Travel

Take Bus No.118 to the site.

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