Zhengzhou Climate

Zhengzhou Weather and Climate describes information with temperature, precipitation, sunshine duration, what clothes to wear in Zhengzhou, weather and climate by month, climate graph. Find out the best time to visit Zhengzhou and see the season highlights in Zhengzhou. Under the combined action of solar radiation, topographic geology, atmospheric circulation and other factors, Zhengzhou has formed a climate characterized by moderate temperature, four distinct seasons, the same period of rain and heat, and the same season of dry and cold.

Zhengzhou Weather Graphs and Climate Features

Zhengzhou enjoys the northern temperate continental monsoon climate, with frequent alternating warm and clod air masses, and four distinct seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The winter is long and dry and cold, with few rain and snow. Spring is dry, with less rain and more spring drought, as well as variable temperature and heavy wind. The summer is relatively hot and the precipitation is concentrated. The autumn climate is cool and short.


Zhengzhou Temperature

The annual average temperature is about 15.6℃. The hottest month is July and the average temperature is about 27°C, while the coldest month is January with an average temperature of -0.2°C. 


Zhengzhou Precipitation

Precipitation is mainly concentrated in July and August, and July has the most rainfall. The annual average rainfall is about 542.15 mm. 

Zhengzhou Weather and Climate by Month

Zhengzhou Climate and Weather by Month

Note: The graphs are for reference only.

What to Pack for Zhengzhou Travel

With the obvious alternations of the four seasons, Zhengzhou is characterized by drought and little rain in spring, hot and rainy in summer, sunny and long sunshine duration in autumn, and dry and cold in winter. Zhengzhou has the longest winter, followed by summer and a shorter spring. You need to wear short sleeves in summer, fleeced coat in spring and autumn, and down jacket in winter. 

Best Time to Visit Zhengzhou

Spring and autumn are the best tourist seasons in Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou has four distinct seasons and a mild climate. It is a typical northern city. The spring and autumn have the most suitable temperatures to travel in Zhengzhou, neither too hot nor too cold. At this time, going to climb Songshan mountain and visit Shaolin temple is very enjoyable. Zhengzhou is relatively hot in summer, you can go to the Fantawild Adventure to enjoy the passion on the water.

In addition to the comfortable travel seasons, some tourist activities or festivals are also absorbing to many travel enthusiasts. For example, China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival, usually from September 1 to September 5, is a grand party for Chinese Shaolin Kong Fu enthusiasts. During the festival, tourists can appreciate the impassioned opening ceremony and excellent Kong Fu performance. 

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Avoid Public Holidays in China

Try to avoid the public holidays of China, such as May Day Holiday(May 1-3), National Day Holiday(October 1-7), Spring Festival Holiday(Usually early February), Qingming Festival(in early April), Dragon Boat Festival(in June). Spring festival and national day festival are the most crowded time to travel. During these holidays, there will be a large crowd in the tourist attractions and you can't really enjoy yourself. Flights and hotels can cost three times as much than usual, and it's hard to get tickets during the Spring Festival. However, due to the profound history, you can feel the Chinese New Year well if travelling to Zhengzhou during the Spring Festival.

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