Tongren Dining

When you are in Tongren, in addition to enjoying beautiful scenery, do not miss the delicious food there. Tongren dishes are slightly salty and notably not spicy. There are many different kinds of snacks that are very cheap. If tourists stay in farmhouse style accommodations, they can sample local chicken and edible wild herbs.

What to Eat in Tongren

She Meal(社饭)

She Meal is a local dish cooked for "She day," which falls on the second day of the second lunar month. The main raw materials are rice, tarragon, bacon, walnut meat, peanut kernels, etc. It is not only fragrant, but also has the effect of refreshing the brain. As She Meal has both the sweet glutinous rice, and smoked flavor of bacon, its unique flavor attracts many people to taste. In Jiangkou, when the grass grows and the flowers blossoms, Relatives, friends and neighbors are to give each other She Meal to taste. This kind of simple local customs and conditions continues from generation to generation. With the development of The Times, She Meal has gradually entered the market.

Crispy Rice Noodle(锅粑粉)

Its authentic production is to high quality mung bean, rice as raw materials, after soaking and grinding, then making it cooked in the pot. It is yellow-green in appearance, honeycomb inside, and has mung bean fragrance, then with ginger, green onions, oil pepper, meat and other ingredients. It tastes crisp and has the effect of clearing away heat and removing fire.

Flower Sweet Cake(思南花甜粑)

Flower Sweet Cake is a must for people in Sinan county of Guizhou province. It is an edible artwork, which combines the great achievements of rice cake culture of north and south in China. Its magic lies in the fact that no matter how long its body is, when it is cut into thin slices in horizontal order. Each piece of Flower Sweet Cake has exactly the same pattern. Patterns including the landscape, characters, flowers, birds, fish and insects can all be vividly presented on the cake.

Rice Tofu(米豆腐)

Sinan rice tofu is one of the most famous Sinan specialties, is an outstanding representative of Sinan food culture, is also the most beloved flavor snacks in Sinan. Production process: raw materials-soaking-grinding-boiling-filtering and cooling. When eating, cut it into small pieces and put it into cold water, then take it out and put into the container. Finally, according to personal preference, you can add different seasonings like chopped turnip(大头菜), pickles, crispy soya beans, crispy peanuts, chopped green onion and light soy sauce, etc., on the rice tofu.

Sinan Mutton Rice Noodle(思南羊肉粉)

Sinan mutton rice noodle is a special snack in Sinan county of Tongren city, Guizhou province. With fine and smooth meat quality, as well as pure meat fragrance, Sinan mutton rice noodle retains the original soup and is free from the smell of mutton.

Where to Eat in Tongren

With many ethnic minorities in Tongren, the city is relatively quiet when night falls. In the downtown area, people often have their evenings dining at the night market. Tourists can taste many local snacks in the night market. There are night markets at many intersections, such as Xiaoshizi Road(小十字路) and Dashizi Road(大十字路), which are very lively at about seven or eight o 'clock in the evening.

1. Lu Jia Ma Tou Yu Lao Si Mutton Rice Noodle(卢家码头余老四羊肉粉)
Address: No.420, Anhua Street, Sinan County, Tongren铜仁市思南县安化街420号
Tel: 13721578269

2. Dian Zui Ge(点醉阁)
Address: Mount Fanjing Village, County Road 508, Jiangkou County, Tongren铜仁市江口县508县道梵净山村
Tel: 0856-6720099/0856-8760111

3. Fangyuan Rice Noodle(方圆粉馆)
Address: No.1, Gongyuan Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区公园道1号
Tel: 13765663844

4. Shi Xi Fang Zhu Ren Jia(狮溪方竹人家)
Address: Wenquan Avenue, Sinan County, Tongren铜仁市思南县温泉大道
Tel: 15286121281/18685427401

5. Cao Dun Wu(草墩屋)
Address: No.156, Fuhou Street, Sitang Town, Sinan County, Tongren铜仁市思南县思唐镇府后街156号
Tel: 0856-7227588/15685460088

6. Wutong Private Home Cuisine(梧桐私房菜)
Address: No.34, Qingshui Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区市清水大道34号
Tel: 0856-5583033

7. Wenbifeng Food Court(文笔峰美食城)
Address: West Waihuan Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区西外环路

8. Sheng Di Ya Restaurant(圣地亚餐厅)
Address: Wenhua Pedestrian Street, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区文化步行街
Tel: 0856-5233383

9. Waterfront Restaurant(水上餐厅)
Address: Jiangkou County, Tongren铜仁市江口县
Tel: 0856-6760988

10. Yaojia Rice Tofu(姚家米豆腐)
Address: Old Pedestrian Street, Shuangjiang Town, Jiangkou County, Tongren铜仁市江口县双江镇老步行街
Tel: 13765648281

11. Victoria Chinese and Western Restaurant(维多利亚中西餐厅)
Address: Dongtai Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区东太大道
Tel: 0856-5283588

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