Tongren Travel Tips

To have a better travel experience in Tongren, here are some useful Tongren travel tips which may be helpful for your Tongren tour.

Useful Numbers

  • Fire: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance: 120
  • Area Code: 0856
  • Zip Code: 554300
  • Weather Forecast: 12121
  • Consumer Complaint: 12315
  • Check Telephone Number: 114
  • Tourist Complaint: 0856-5212301
  • Train Ticket Booking: 020-95105105
  • Train Ticket Consultation: 020-12306
  • Airport Phone Number: 0856-5938058

Best Time to Visit

Tongren belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, influenced by the monsoon, with abundant rainfall, and annual average temperature of 13℃-17.5℃. Because of the low altitude and latitude, Tongren is the high temperature center of Guizhou province, and the highest temperature can reach 42.5℃ in summer, a lot higher than other cities in Guizhou province. The dense forest of Mount Fanjing is a good place for escaping the heat. Therefore, except for the cold winter, you can travel to Tongren in spring, summer and autumn.

Packing Tips

  • Mount Fanjing is the must-see attraction in Tongren. When you are traveling, you should wear comfortable shoes like sneakers. Try not to wear leather shoes and high-heeled shoes, which are not inconvenient to walk on the mountain roads. 
  • Bijie is affected by the monsoon with abundant rainfall. So umbrella is the necessity for travel.
  • Bijie is the high temperature center in Guizhou province. In summer, you can wear short-sleeve shirt and shorts since the summer highs in Bijie can reach 42.5℃. While in Spring and Autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the temperature in the morning and evening is relatively low. Be sure to bring coats

Other Tips

  • There are 29 ethnic minorities distributed in Tongren. Among them, Tujia has the largest population. In ethnic minority areas, local ethnic traditions and customs, as well as taboos in daily life, should be respected. It is better to have a guide who knows the local language.
  • Best places to visit in Tongren include Mount FanjingShiqian Hot Spring(石阡温泉), and Nine-dragon Cave Scenic Area, etc.
  • Peak holidays in China are Spring Festival(usually in late Jan. or early Feb.), International Labor Day(May 1-3) and National Day(Golden week, Oct. 1-7). 
  • Tongren dishes are slightly salty and notably not spicy. There are many different kinds of snacks that are very cheap. If tourists stay in farmhouse style accommodations, they can sample local chicken and edible wild herbs.
  • Yuping flute and Nuo mask are popular souvenirs in Tongren. 


There are a lot of banks and ATM machines in Tongren, distributing in the whole city. 

  • Bank of China中国银行
    Address: No.46, Qingshui Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区清水大道46号
    Tel: 0856-5222962
  • Bank of China中国银行
    Address: No.99, Minzhu Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区民主路99号
    Tel: 0856-5210874
  • China Construction Bank中国建设银行
    Address: No.123, Qingshui Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区清水大道123号
    Tel: 0856-5594067
  • China Construction Bank中国建设银行
    Address: No.13, Daqing Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区大庆路13号
    Tel: 0856-5284483
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China中国工商银行
    Address: Nanchangcheng Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区南长城路
    Tel: 0856-6908668/0856-6908551
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China中国工商银行
    Address: No.275, Renmin Road, Yuping County, Tongren铜仁市玉屏侗族自治县人民路275号
    Tel: 0856-3221018 0856-3221157
  • Agricultural Bank of China中国农业银行
    Address: No.156, Minzhu Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区民主路156号
  • Agricultural Bank of China中国农业银行
    Address: No.23, Jinjiang Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区锦江大道23号

Expresses and Post Offices

Postal code in Tongren is 554300. Tongren city has many post offices and express services, sending postcards and parcels is very convenient. The postage for sending postcards is usually 0.8 yuan per sheet. 

  • China Post中国邮局
    Address: No.301, Jinjiang South Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区锦江南路301号
  • China Post中国邮政
    Address: No.50, Qingshui Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区清水大道50号
  • China Post中国邮政
    Address: No.1, Honghua Road, Yuping County, Tongren铜仁市玉屏侗族自治县红花路1号
  • China Post中国邮政
    Address: No.93, Zhongshan Middle Road, Dejiang County, Tongren铜仁市德江县钟山中路93号
    Tel: 0856-8520910
  • Yunda Express韵达快递
    Address: No.555, Dongtai Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区东太大道555号
    Tel: 95546
  • Express Mail Service中国邮政速递物流
    Address: Mount Fanjing Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区梵净山大道
    Tel: 11183
  • SF Express顺丰速运
    Address: Nanchangcheng Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区南长城路
    Tel: 95338
  • YTO Express圆通快递
    Address: No.26, Qingshui Avenue, Huanbei Subdistrict, Tongren铜仁市碧江区环北街道清水大道26号
    Tel: 95554


  • People's Hospital of Tongren City铜仁市人民医院
    Address: No.120, Middle Taoyuan Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区桃源大道中段120号
    Tel: 0856-5229154/0856-8169381
  • Tongren City Hospital of Chinese Traditional Medicine铜仁市中医医院
    Address: No.35, Dongtai Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区东太大道35号
    Tel: 0856-5286888/0856-3223252
  • Tongren Xiehe Hospital铜仁协和医院
    Address: No.15, Dajiang North Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区大江北路15号
    Tel: 0856-5216666
  • Tongren Youfu Hospital铜仁市优抚医院
    Address: Civil Affairs Bureau, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区民政局
    Tel: 0856-5203322
  • Affiliated Hospital of Tongren Polytechnic College铜仁职业技术学院附属医院
    Address: No.27, Jinjiang North Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区锦江北路27号
    Tel: 0856-5222292/0856-5216580
  • People's Hospital of Yuping County玉屏县人民医院
    Address: Pingxi Town, Yuping County, Tongren铜仁市玉屏县平溪镇
    Tel: 0856-3221096
  • Yuping County Hospital of Chinese Traditional Medicine玉屏县中医医院
    Address: Renmin Road, Yuping County, Tongren铜仁市玉屏侗族自治县人民路
    Tel: 0856-4168050
  • People's Hospital of Jiangkou County江口县人民医院
    Address: Mount Fanjing Avenue, Shuangjiang Town, Jiangkou County, Tongren铜仁市江口县双江镇梵净山大道
    Tel: 0856-6620203
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