Tongren Shopping

Tongren is noted for Mount Fanjing, a famous Buddhist mountain in China. And there are many specialties like gastrodia elata, Tujia alcohol(Matang alcohol) and Chinese gooseberry at Mount Fanjing. Besides, ethnic groups lika Tujia, Miao and Dong take up more than 50% of Tongren's population. Therefore, the local souvenirs with minority flavor are popular among tourists. Once you enjoy the well-known Mount Fanjing, don't forget to buy some gifts for your family and friends. 

What to Buy in Tongren

Yuping Flute(玉屏箫笛)

Originated from Yuping Dong Autonomous County, Guizhou province, the flute is a traditional handmade musical instrument with a history of more than 300 years. Flute was so popular during Qing Dynasty(1644-1911) that it was as an article of tribute given to royal members. The patterns on the flute reflect the lifelike depiction of creatures and natural scenery. When playing, flute produces clear and beautiful sound. 

Tujia Alcohol(土家族酒/麻糖酒)

For those who like to drink, there is an alcohol to recommend, that is, Tujia alcohol or Matang alcohol. It is made from sesame sugar, and often used as a treat. This product is golden in color and sweet in taste. It has the effect of refreshing one's spirit and quenching thirst.

Nuo Mask(傩面具)

Nuo culture is the local culture of Tongren, and Nuo mask is a kind of woodcarving handicraft, it is not only the mask for Nuo drama, but also a kind of decorative handicraft. The theme of Nuo mask is mainly ghosts, monsters and animals. 

Zipao Yudai Stone(紫袍玉带)

Be abundant in the area around Mount Fanjing, Zipao Yudai Stone(or purple jade belt) is one of the special mineral materials at Mount Fanjing. A stone has several distinct colors, and different stones have different color gradations. Due to its nature of delicacy and solid, it is considered as the best material for carving stone items such as ink stones, folding screens and tea sets.

Mount Fanjing Cuifeng Tea(梵净山翠峰茶)

Mount Fanjing Cuifeng Tea is one of the tea varieties produced in Yinjiang Tujia and Miao autonomous county of Guizhou province. It got the name because it is mainly produced at Mount Fanjing in Yinjiang CountyThe raw materials are from the Fuding white tea garden at an altitude of 800-1300 meters in Fanjing mountain. The product is light green in color, even and orderly, fresh and clean. With long-lasting fragrance and fresh and mellow taste, Cuifeng tea is favored by consumers. 

Where to Buy in Tongren

You can shop at Dashizi Pedestrian Street(大十字步行街) where is the shopping center of Tongren city, with many shops and people. You can also stroll around Mount Fanjing Pedestrian Street in Jiangkou County for shopping. 

1. Zhilin Shopping Center(芝林购物中心)
Address: Lianyi Road of Wanshan District, Tongren铜仁市万山区联谊路

2. Nanchangcheng Jintan Shopping Center(南长城·金滩购物中心)
Address: No.2, Nanchangcheng Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区南长城路2号

3. Deli Shopping Square(德利购物广场) 
Address: Yuping County of Tongren铜仁市玉屏侗族自治县
Tel: 0856-3220968

4. Wankelong Tiantianjian Supermarket(万客隆天天见超市)
Address: No.1, Gongyuan Road, Jinmatou, Shizhong subdistrict, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区市中街道金码头公园道一号

5. Bai Sheng Bai Shopping Center(百圣百购物广场)
Address: Qingshui Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区清水路
Tel: 0856-8131658/13339663159

6. Xi Duo Duo Shopping Center(喜多多购物广场)
Address: No.1, Wayaohe Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区瓦窑河路01号

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