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In 2016, the government spent 8.304 billion yuan on education, up 15.2% from the previous year. By the end of the year, There were 4 ordinary institutions of higher learning, 17 secondary vocational schools, 50 high schools, 241 middle schools, 918 primary schools and 674 kindergartens. Here blow are some schools, which can help you to design students education tours with local schools in Tongren City. 

Colleges and Universities

English Name Chinese Name Address Tel.
Tongren University 铜仁学院 No.103, Qingshui Avenue, Tongren City铜仁市清水大道103号 0856-5232273
Tongren Polytechnic College 铜仁职业技术学院 Chuandong Educational Park, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区川硐教育园区 0856-6909046
Tongren Preschool Education College 铜仁幼儿师范高等专科学校 Near Tongren International Exhibition City, Bijiang District, Tongren City铜仁市碧江区靠近铜仁国际会展城 0856-5322050 0856-5322339
Guizhou Engineering Vocational College 贵州工程职业学院 Chengnan New District, Dejiang County, Tongren City, Guizhou贵州省铜仁市德江县城南新区 0856-8656701

High Schools and Middle Schools

English Name Chinese Name Address
Tongren No.1 Middle School 贵州省铜仁市第一中学 No.1, Aiguo Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区爱国路1号
Sinan Middle School 贵州省思南中学 Sanjiaoba Village, Shaojiaqiao Town, Sinan County, Tongren铜仁市思南县邵家桥镇三角坝村
Tongren No.2 Middle School 铜仁市第二中学 No.321, Dongtai Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区东太大道321号
Songtao Ethnic Middle School 松桃民族中学 Hope City, Daxing Subdistrict, Songtao County, Tongren铜仁市松桃县大兴街道希望城
Shiqian Ethnic Middle School 石阡民族中学 Provincial Road 305, Shiqian County, Tongren铜仁市石阡县305省道
Yanhe Ethnic Middle School 沿河民族中学 Binjiang Avenue, Tuanjie Subdistrict, Yanhe County, Tongren铜仁市沿河县团结街道滨江大道
Dejiang No.1 Middle School 德江县第一中学 Chaodi Road, Dejiang County, Tongren铜仁市德江县潮砥路
Tongren No.3 Middle School 铜仁市第三中学 No.5, Qingshui Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区清水大道5号
Yinjiang Ethnic Middle School 印江民族中学 The Crossroad of Zhongzhou Street and Wenchang Street, Yinjiang County, Tongren铜仁市印江县中洲街与文昌街交叉口
Shiqian Middle School 贵州省石阡中学 No.26, Fodingshan North Road, Shiqian County, Tongren铜仁市石阡县佛顶山北路26号
Tongren No.4 Middle School 铜仁市第四中学 No.2, Tongjiang East Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区铜江东路2号
Tongren No.8 Middle School 铜仁市第八中学 Chong Guang Ping, Xieqiao Subdistrict, Wanshan District, Tongren铜仁市万山区谢桥街道办事处冲广坪
Affiliated Middle School of Tongren University 铜仁学院附属中学 No.103, Qingshui Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区清水大道103号
Yuping Ethnic Middle School 玉屏民族中学 No.446, Renmin Road, Pingxi Town, Yuping County, Tongren铜仁市玉屏县平溪镇人民路446号
Wanshan District Ethnic Middle School 万山区民族中学 Shui Tang Ao, Wanshan Town, Wanshan District, Tongren铜仁市万山区万山镇水塘坳
Fuxing Junior School 复兴初级中学 No.92, Fuxing Middle Road, Dejiang County, Tongren铜仁市德江县复兴中路92号
Qiandong Middle School 铜仁黔东中学 Yanjiang Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区沿江路
Dalong Middle School 大龙中学 Xiwang Road, Dalong Subdistrict, Yuping County, Tongren铜仁市玉屏县大龙街道希望路
Tongren No.10 Middle School 铜仁市第十中学 No.27, Jinjiang North Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区锦江北路27号

Primary Schools and Kindergartens

English Name Chinese Name Address
Experimental Primary School 铜仁市实验小学 No.108, Qingshui Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区清水大道108号
Tongren No.8 Primary School 铜仁市第八小学 No.449, Dongtai Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区东太大道449号
Nanchangcheng Primary School 南长城小学 No.14, Cheng Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区城路14号
Tongren No.5 Primary School 铜仁五小 No.11, Zhonghua Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区中华路11号
Tongren No.3 Primary School 铜仁市第三小学 Liuchang Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区六场路
Tiankai Primary School 开天小学 Mount Fanjing Avenue, Wanshan District, Tongren铜仁市万山区梵净山大道
Tongren No.6 Primary School 铜仁市第六小学 No.50, Gongqing Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区共青路50号
Xiao Shen Tong Bilingual Kindergarten 小神童双语幼儿园 No.459, Dongtai Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区东太大道459号
Tongren No.3 Kindergarten  铜仁市第三幼儿园 No.1, Liyuan Road, Huanbei Subdistrict, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区环北街道梨园路1号
Xinhua Art Kindergarten  新华艺术幼儿园 No.58, Dongtai Avenue, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区东太大道58号
Man Tian Xing Kindergarten 满天星幼儿园 No.300, Jinjiang South Road, Bijiang District, Tongren铜仁市碧江区锦江南路360号

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