Tongren Climate

Tongren is located in the slope transition zone of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau between the hilly area of western Hunan Province and the Sichuan Basin area. Tongren belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, influenced by the monsoon, with abundant rainfall, and annual average temperature of 13℃-17.5℃. Because of the low altitude and latitude, Tongren is the high temperature center of Guizhou province, and the highest temperature can reach 42.5℃ in summer, a lot higher than other cities in Guizhou province. The highest temperature in Tongren is comparable to those in Nanjing, Wuhan and Chongqing, which are known as "Three Stove Metropolis" in China. 

Temperature and Precipitation 

Tongren city belongs to the subtropical monsoon humid climate, and its climate features are mainly manifested as obvious monsoon climate and significant vertical difference in climate. Annual sunshine duration is 1044.7-1266.2 hours, annual average temperature of 13℃-17.5℃, with accumulated temperature of 5300℃. The day of daily average temperature above 10℃ begins in late march and ends in late November, lasting 250 days. The annual average precipitation is 1110-1410 mm, frost-free period of 275-317 days, with rich heat, suitable sunlight and abundant precipitation. Most areas in Tongren are mild and humid, the climate vertical change in mountains and valleys is obvious.

Tips for Tongren Weather

Best Time to Visit Tongren 

The dense forest of Mount Fanjing is a good place for escaping the heat. Therefore, except for the cold winter, you can travel to Tongren in spring, summer and autumn.

Packing Tips

1. Mount Fanjing is the must-see attraction in Tongren. When you are traveling, you should wear comfortable shoes like sneakers. Try not to wear leather shoes and high-heeled shoes, which are not inconvenient to walk on the mountain roads. 

2. Bijie is affected by the monsoon with abundant rainfall. So umbrella is the necessity for travel.

3. Bijie is the high temperature center in Guizhou province. In summer, you can wear short-sleeve shirt and shorts since the summer highs in Bijie can reach 42.5℃. While in Spring and Autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the temperature in the morning and evening is relatively low. Be sure to bring coats

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