Mount Siguniang Travel Tips

Mount Siguniang (Ngawa) Travel FAQs and Tips introduce the city and zip codes, post offices, useful numbers, hospitals, banks for foreign exchange, Government and famous universities. When plan your trip to Mount Siguniang, view our answers to questions about Mount Siguniang travel to get better understanding of Mount Siguniang. 

Useful Numbers

  • China International country code number: 0086
  • Ambulance: 120; Fire: 119; Police: 110
  • Telephone Information Enquiry: 114
  • Weather Report: 121; Post Code Check: 184; Time Check: 117
  • Consumer Complaint Center: 12315
  • Four Girls Mountain Scenic Area: 0837-2791847
  • Xiaojin County Tourism Bureau: 0837-6332599
  • Siguniangshan Town Police Station: 0837-2791877

Bank in Mount Siguniang

There are ATM of Agricultural Bank of China in Siguniangshan Town. At present, there are many inns or hotels that can pay pay with Alipay or WeChat. However, no money exchange service is provided here. You'd better change in Chengdu before your departure.

  • Agricultural Bank of China 24-hour Self-service Bank中国农业银行24小时自助银行
    Add: Holy Land Holiday Hotel, Siguniang Mountain Scenic Area, Xiaojin County小金县四姑娘山景区圣地假日酒店旁

Post Office in Mount Siguniang

There is no post office in Siguniangshan Town. There is only one mailbox. The nearest post office is in Xiaojin County. Therefore, if you want to send postcards, you'd better bring your own stamps.

Hospital in Mount Siguniang

  • Siguniangshan Town Health Center(四姑娘山镇卫生所): 13618142054 (Doctor Lin)
  • Xiaojin County People's Hospital(小金县人民医院): 0837-2782255


The local residents are the Jiarong branch of the Tibetan nationality. The life of a few ethnic groups in Siguniang Mountain is mainly based on agricultural production and has its own language and writing. Their language is very different from other Tibetan languages. It is ancient Tibetan and is only used in Lixian, Xiaojin and Jinchuan. 

Most of the Tibetans can speak Chinese. There is no need to worry about the language barrier. 

Best Time to Visit Mount Siguniang

July and August are the best seasons for visiting Siguniang Mountain. During this period of time, the mountain is full of flowers, the flowers are like brocade, and you can go down to the valley to feel the coolness of the snow mountain water.

In addition, from the middle of October to the middle of November, the autumn scenery of Siguniang Mountain is like intoxicating wine, which may allow you to take the most beautiful photos in your life.

See more about Best Time to Visit Mount Siguniang.

What to Wear in Mount Siguniang


It is recommended to wear down jacket, antiskid climbing shoes and underwear with good perspiration performance. Due to the dry climate and less rainfall, please also carry sunscreen, sun hat and sunglasses.

Summer(June to August)

It is recommended to wear a kind of 3-in-1 Winter Jacket with good air permeability, waterproof and antiskid climbing shoes, and carry an umbrella or raincoat. In the evening, the temperature is relatively low, so it is recommended to carry a down jacket to keep warm. In addition, you should bring sunscreen, sun hat and sunglasses.

Autumn(September to November)

It is recommended that you wear down jacket and climbing shoes. If you need climbing, it is recommended to choose underwear with good perspiration performance and easy to dry. The temperature is low at night. If you need to go out, it is recommended to wear thick clothes to keep warm.

Winter(December to February)

If you travel during this period, it is recommended to wear down jacket, thick wool pants, socks with good perspiration performance (several pairs), hat and socks with plush. In addition, in order to prevent snow blindness, you must carry sunglasses.

Consumption Level

From Chengdu to Siguniang Mountain, the main expenses are bus ticket, entrance tickets, guides, horses, meals, accommodation, etc. The tour lasts for 3 days and is about 1000-2000 yuan per person.

Outdoor Preparations for Mount Siguniang Hiking

  • Equipment: Winter Jacket or down jacket, fleece clothing, mountaineering shoes, mountaineering staff or ice pick; -15-degree down sleeping bag or -12-degree sleeping bag+fleece sleeping bag, aluminum foil pad; Backpacks (40L for women and 50L for men) and top punching bags 25L-30L; High-top waterproof mountaineering shoes, quick-drying underwear, nappy pants, down vest, gaiters, sunglasses (snow goggles is the best), headlights, waterproof gloves (must be thick), headscarves, 4-5 pairs of outdoor mountaineering socks, cold-proof cap (nappy cap), 1000ML heat preservation kettle; Lipstick and sunscreen (HP30 or above);
  • Lighting: flashlight and headlight;
  • Catering category: insulated kettle, instant noodles, compressed biscuits, chocolate, beef jerky, mineral water, coffee, tea and sports drinks;
  • Automotive supplies: traction cable, jack, spare tire, one set of vehicle tools, oil filter, several cleaning cloths, vehicle inflator, military shovel, multi-functional inverter, compass, battery connection line, one set of belt, anti-freezing glass water, oil suction pipe and empty oil barrel, cigarette lighter, inflator and vehicle fuse;
  • Others: outdoor watches, waterproof bags, pens and notebooks, Swiss army knives.

Photography Tips

  • Use of tripod: Shooting in the scenic area of Siguniang Mountain is recommended to use a tripod as it is mountainous and has a high altitude. In this way, the shot is not easy to be blurred. Try to use a small aperture in the shot to make the depth of field larger and the picture clearer.
  • Use of Photographic Equipment: No matter whether you are using a digital camera or a film camera in Siguniangshan area, it is recommended to use the manual mode of combining spot metering and central focus metering in the shooting process.
  • The Balance of Point and Plane in Shooting Process: There are many spots and scenes for you to photograph in the four girls scenic spot and its surrounding areas. whether you are traveling by yourself or following a tour group, there are scenic spot interpreters in the scenic spot to introduce you to good scenic spots and shooting places.
  • Special Effect Performance: You often talk about snowy mountains, golden peaks, surging wind and other wonderful moments that are hard for people to see. These seemingly mysterious and unreachable masterpieces, first, depend on the weather and light conditions at that time, and sometimes require us to make full use of the camera's functions and use special effects.
  • Protection of Equipment in Summer and Winter: When summer comes in Siguniang mountain area, because it is rainy season and there is much rain, the camera is easy to be affected with damp and fog. The equipment used must be placed in a ventilated and dry place. In winter, due to the low outdoor temperature, the equipment should be kept warm and should not be kept outside for a long time. If the camera cannot be started for a while, it can be put into your arms to keep warm for a while, and then it can be started for use.
  • The Best Location and Time for Shooting at Siguniang Mountain: Panorama of Four Girls Mountain (Four Peaks): The best spot is Chaoshanping, Haizigou. Sunrise and sunset scenes vary according to different seasons. Autumn and winter are the best seasons for shooting sunrise and golden peaks. In spring and summer, there are many clouds, but in good weather, you can make better pictures. 
  • The Best Location and Time of Shooting in Shuangqiaogou, Haizigou and Changping valley: When shooting at several scenic spots in Shuangqiaogou, different scenes can be shot at different positions. As the traffic conditions in Changping valley are not very good now, try your best to stay in the valley and get more pictures. Haizigou is the most mountainous with lakes in Siguniang Mountain scenic area. The semi-mountain of Siguniang Mountain scenic spot, especially the high mountain, is more shocking in its photography. It can capture more things and produce more excellent works.
  • Photographic Equipment and Light: Since shooting in the field is different, it is better to have a 28-85mm zoom lens with macro shooting function. If there is no such equipment, a wide-angle lens, a set of close-up lenses and other equipment such as tripods, cable release and exposure meter should be prepared.

Tips for Climbing Mount Siguniang

  • Siguniang Mountain is one of the top ten mountaineering sites in China. It is suitable for mountaineering, hiking and other special tourism, but please make corresponding preparations and detailed travel plans before traveling, otherwise accidents will easily occur.
  • Although the snow has begun to melt in the spring, it is still a world of snow. Therefore, the road conditions are more complicated. It's better to travel with a tour group. Self-driving drivers must be in groups.
  • Siguniang Mountain is a high-altitude area. Siguniang Town has a sea level of 3200 meters. Many people have high mountain reaction to varying degrees. Therefore, it is not appropriate to take strenuous exercise, please drink less alcohol, eat more vegetables and fruits, and preferably prepare commonly used drugs and anti-high mountain reaction drugs.
  • The scenic spot has strong sunshine and ultraviolet rays. For long-term outdoor activities, please wear a sun hat and apply sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • The temperature difference between day and night is big, must take enough warm and cold-proof clothing, as well as shoes.
  • The riding time in the scenic area is long, so you should choose the right horse and saddle, pay attention to safety and follow the guidance of service personnel. In winter, you should take anti-skid chains with you. Don't ride fast on ice and snow roads. Especially when you cross the Balang mountain, the slope is large and the curve is sharp. There are often safety accidents. Please remember that safety is the first.
  • During the golden week of each year, there are many tourists. The hotel is full and the price is extremely high. You can take tents and corresponding equipment to camp in the scenic spot, which not only saves expenses, but also can experience the special flavor of Siguniang Mountain.
  • All mountaineers must hold mountaineering permits before participating in mountaineering activities. If you do not have a mountaineering permit, you need to go through the mountaineering procedures and pay the fees at the outdoor activities management center of Siguniang Mountain Management Bureau. Climbing without a license will be fined -10 times.
  • All climbers are required to pay the resource management fee, which is 30 yuan/person/day (100 yuan/person's garbage disposal deposit is paid before entering the mountain and returned after inspection upon return).
  • The rental prices of mountaineering equipment in Siguniangshan Outdoor Activity Center are as follows: tents: 30-80 yuan/day (50 yuan/day for single person), sleeping bags: 30-60 yuan, sleeping mats: 20 yuan, stoves: 50 yuan/set, disposable liquefaction tanks: 35 yuan.

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