Mount Siguniang Shopping

Mount Siguniang Shopping Guide provides you the detailed information about Mount Siguniang local specialties, featured shopping areas, What and Where to Buy in Mount Siguniang, Mount Siguniang Local Products, Souvenirs, Shopping Streets, etc. Rilong town has not been widely publicized and over developed. It always keeps its original simplicity. There are no polluted green food such as yak meat, sea buckthorn, apple, walnut, pepper, pear, mineral water, wild mushroom, etc.; there are authentic tonic herbs such as angelica, ginseng, gastrodia, Cordyceps, Fritillaria, snow lotus, matsutake wine, cordyceps wine, cherry Peach wine; there are Thangka paintings, Qiang embroidery, Tibetan embroidery, Tibetan Qiang craft gold and silver and other handicrafts.

What to Buy at Siguniangshan Town

Tibetan Arts and Crafts

Tibetan Ware

The utensils have the needs of extending the function of human organs and enhancing the living ability. As early as 3000 to 4000 years ago, the Tibetan ancestors began to make all kinds of food utensils for daily life, so as to enhance their living ability. In the long history of development, the Tibetan people have brought their intelligence into full play and created a rich culture of food utensils.

Tibetan Jewelry

Tibetan silver jewelry has gradually become the mainstream of fashion. When walking on the street, you can see the people who wear Tibetan jewelry in the neck, wrist and chest. Tibetan ornaments are loved by people for their simplicity, ruggedness and mystery. Tibet Tianzhu is the essence of Tibetan jewelry. It enjoys a high reputation in the world. Many foreign friends often visit to learn about Tibet Tianzhu. We are very happy to share our Chinese national culture with our friends at home and abroad.

Jiarong Tibetan Handkerchief

Jiarong women usually store their hair in braids, and then clip it between braids with wool or wigs of blue, red, yellow and other colors to fix the headdress on their heads. The handkerchief is usually made of black or blue cloth folded in half into eight layers. A handkerchief is usually four feet in size. Around the headdress, Jiarong women inlaid a border with colorful silk thread, and then embroidered various decorative patterns with various silk threads in the second half of the folded layer. These exquisite decorative patterns are mainly based on a variety of flowers.

Green Food

Seabuckthorn products

Seabuckthorn fruits are abundant in and around Siguniang Mountain scenic area, so seabuckthorn products are another major specialty besides yak meat products. Seabuckthorn fruit is the king of vitamin C in fruits, but its fruits are usually not eaten directly due to their acidity, and most of them need processing. You can buy Seabuckthorn Crystal, Seabuckthorn Buccal Tablet, Seabuckthorn Beverage, Seabuckthorn Wine. 

Yak Meat

Yak meat is one of the typical Tibetan dishes with various cooking methods. It can be cold and dressed with sauce, rinsed in hot pot, barbecued or stir-fried. When you come to the Tibetan area, do not miss the delicious yak meat.

Other green food includes apple, walnut, pepper, pear, mineral water, wild mushroom, etc.

Chinese Herbs

Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis is a kind of common traditional Chinese medicine produced in Sichuan Province. It is the dry daughter and body of the ergot fungus Cordyceps sinensis and its host bat moth, bat moth larva, etc. The daughter comes from the head of the host larva. It is warm and sweet in nature and has the functions of nourishing lung, kidney, essence and Qi, etc.


It's precious traditional Chinese medicine which has the functions of removing wind and dampness, dredging meridian passage, strengthening meridian and supporting yang. The root is black. Leaves are green, bracts are white, and flowers are red. However, it should be carefully identified when purchasing.

Where to Buy at Siguniangshan Town

  • Mingxing Supermarket(明兴超市)
    Add: Siguniangshan Town, Xiaojin County小金县四姑娘山镇
  • Gaoyuanhong Supermarket(高原红超市)
    Add: Next to Holy Land Holiday Inn, Siguniang Mountain Scenic Area, Xiaojin County小金县四姑娘山景区圣地假日酒店旁
    Tel: 13990437260
  • Sifeng Supermarket(四峰超市)
    Add: 303 Provincial Highway 50 meters north of Siguniangshan Shopping Center, Xijin County 小金县303省道北50米四姑娘山购物中心
    Tel: 15983718587
  • Yongchuan Supermarket(勇川超市)
    Add: Xiuyue Villa, the scenic spot of Siguniang Mountain, Xiaojin County小金县四姑娘山景区秀月山庄
    Tel: 13541577542
  • Xiao Jin Seabuckthorn Factory Store(小金沙棘厂家店)
    Add: the scenic spot of Siguniang Mountain, Xiaojin County小金县四姑娘山景区
    Tel: (0837)2781528
  • Siguniang Mountain Bianmin Supermarket(四姑娘山便民超市)
    Add: G350, Jin County小金县G350
    Tel: 13551124455
  • Shopping Centre of Four Girls Mountain International Hotel(四姑娘山国际饭店购物中心)
    Add: the entrance of Changpinggou Valley, Siguniangshan Town, Xiaojin County小金县四姑娘山镇长坪沟沟口
  • Honglian Tourist Souvenir Shop(洪莲旅游纪念品店)
    Add: Jin Feng Village, Siguniangshan Town, Xiaojin County小金县四姑娘山镇金锋村
  • Agei Tourist Souvenir Shop(阿给旅游纪念品店)
    Add: Changping Village, Siguniangshan Town, Xiaojin County小金县四姑娘山镇长坪村

Edited by Hellen He/何琴

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