Mount Siguniang Dining

Mount Siguniang Dining introduces Mount Siguniang Food and Restaurants including Mount Siguniang Cuisine, Restaurants in Mount Siguniang, Mount Siguniang Snacks, What to Eat in Mount Siguniang, Where to Eat in Mount Siguniang, Mount Siguniang Food Street. At present, the tourist facilities in Siguniang Mountain have been greatly improved over previous years. Apart from transportation difficulties and operating costs in winter, tourists can eat delicious food in other seasons (mainly Sichuan cuisine, and some hotels also offer southern dishes). At present, the four girls mountain scenic spot and the catering conditions along the way are relatively good.

What to Eat in Mount Siguniang

Wild Mushroom

The coverage rate of the forest in Siguniang Mountain is high. Mushrooms begin to grow from July to August every year. Wild mushrooms can be picked all over the mountain. There are many varieties, including Tricholoma matsutake, Cyanobacteria, Cunninghamia lanceolata, Goose egg fungus, Salix willows fungus and so on. These original and ecological wild mushrooms are green and natural, which are delicious and nutritious. Among the rare wild fungi in Siguniang Mountain, Tricholoma matsutake is the most precious. Therefore, stewed chicken with Tricholoma matsutake is also a special delicacy in Siguniang Mountain.

Roast Lamb

In Mount Siguniang, you can take part in the Jiarong Tibetan Guozhuang Dance and Roast Sheep Party(about 120 minutes and 120 yuan) in the evening. Captivating golden color, crisp flavored skin and tender tasty meat of a roast whole lamb are all from a charcoal grill of up to 3 hours. Eating delicious mutton and dancing Guozhuang is very happy.

Cordyceps Duck

Cordyceps duck is a typical Sichuan dish. It is cooked with cordyceps, fat ducks and other seasonal foods. Cordyceps sinensis is a rare traditional Chinese medicine growing in Sichuan-Tibet Plateau and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau high altitude areas. The duck stewed with cordyceps sinensis is prepared by stewing the duck with cordyceps sinensis in a casserole. Duck stewed with Chinese caterpillar fungu can tonify lung and kidney, yin and yang and strengthen body constitution when eaten in spring.


Tsamba is the staple food for Tibetan locals in Aba. Tibetans, whatever work in the land, graze on the mountain, or go on a journey, they will take tsamba as a ready-made food with them. When eating, take bits of butter and serve with the tea.

Yak Meat

Yak meat is one of the typical Tibetan dishes with various cooking methods. It can be cold and dressed with sauce, rinsed in hot pot, barbecued or stir-fried. When you come to the Tibetan area, do not miss the delicious yak meat.

Highland Barley Bread

Highland barley bread is a kind of food prepared by baking highland barley flour. Golden color, sweet and delicious. When visiting the scenic spot of Siguniang Mountain, you can take it as breakfast or appease hunger along the way. The price is not expensive and can be purchased from local people

Barley Wine

Known as "Tibetan beer", barley wine is yellowish with acid and sweet, which is an indispensable beverage in the life of Tibetan people, as well as a good drink to celebrate festivals and treat friends.

Butter Tea

In Tibetan’s home, the butter teapot is being simmered on the Huotang (a kind of Chinese fireplace) from morning till night, and you can drink fragrant and hot butter tea at any time. Butter tea is rich in nutrition, delicious and refreshing, and it is popular among Tibetan people.Yak butter tea has been dubbed as the "Tibetan national beverage”.

Seabuckthorn Beverage

Seabuckthorn fruits are abundant in and around Siguniang Mountain scenic area, so seabuckthorn products are another major specialty besides yak meat products. Seabuckthorn fruit is the king of vitamin C in fruits, but its fruits are usually not eaten directly due to their acidity, and most of them need processing. You can buy seabuckthorn drink in Siguniang Mountain.


Here is pure yak yoghurt with a very pure taste. However, plain yogurt is very sour, so remember to put more sugar when eating it.

Where to Eat in Mount Siguniang

Restaurants inside Mount Siguniang Scenic Area

Each hotel in the scenic spot has its own restaurant. The specialty dishes are mainly local wild fungi and meat at different prices. However, in the remote place of the scenic spot, there is no restaurant and you can only take some solid food with you. It is best to bring some delicious cooked food to the scenic area for eating. This is also a rare picnic opportunity.

  • Changpinggou Valley: There are dining places at Shang Ganhaizi 4 kilometers from the Kushutan and 6 kilometers from Lianghekou(两河口). You can have rice rice served with meat and vegetables on top and lamb kebab. If you enter the valley at 10: 00 a.m., it should be about 2: 00 p.m when you reach Shang Ganhaizi. You can rest here, have lunch and take pictures of the mountains.
  • Haizigou Valley: Shortly after passing through the Laoniuyuanzi(老牛园子), there is only one stopover for tourists for dining. You can have dinner and rest here. Grooms also eat here. There is only instant noodles to eat here. The hot water and instant noodles are all carried by the groom from the foot of the mountain (the groom loves his horses very much and would rather carry them himself than let them carry them).

Restaurants outside Mount Siguniang Scenic Area

There are some small restaurants and grocery stores in the local streets around the scenic spot, where you can buy salted eggs, ham sausage, yak meat, mineral water, canned food, instant noodles and other daily items. In addition, you can also buy some cooked food from the restaurant of your hotel.

There are also many restaurants in Siguniang Town(former Rilong Town), most of which are mainly Sichuan cuisine, and the price is not expensive. Tibetan special foods also include roasted whole sheep, buttered tea, highland barley wine, dairy products (cheese, milk residue, milk rind and yogurt), yak meat, cordyceps duck, etc. If you have the chance, you must try yak milk and butter tea from local Tibetans, perhaps you will fall in love with its taste. 

  • Tibetan Roast Sheep藏家烤羊
    Add: Siguniang Town四姑娘山镇
    Tel: 13086539404
  • Sister Lin Hotpot(林妹妹火锅)
    Add: Group 1, Jin Feng Village, Siguniangshan Town四姑娘山镇金峰村一组
    Tel: 15388459865; 15884073712
  • Deng's Wild Mushroom(邓氏野菌王)
    Add: Siguniang Town四姑娘山镇
    Tel: 0837-2791961
  • Shengshan Fengwei Restaurant(圣山风味饭庄)
    Add: Siguniang Town四姑娘山镇
    Tel: 13551650092
  • Xueshan Lian Restaurant(雪山恋饭庄)
    Add: Siguniang Town四姑娘山镇
    Tel: 0837-2791813
  • Changping Restaurant(长坪饭店)
    Add: Siguniang Town四姑娘山镇
    Tel: 0837-2791869

More Restaurant in Mount Siguniang.

Edited by Hellen He/何琴

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