Mount Siguniang Festivals and Events

Mount Siguniang Festivals and Events introduce a brief introduction of festivals and activities and tell travelers Top Things to Do for Mount Siguniang festivals Tours and important Mount Siguniang events and activities.  The life of a few ethnic groups in Siguniang Mountain is mainly based on agricultural production and has its own language and writing. Their language is very different from other Tibetan languages. It is ancient Tibetan and is only used in Lixian, Xiaojin and Jinchuan. Some people believe in Tibetan Buddhism as well as the primitive Bon religion.

Festivals in Mount Siguniang

Tibetan New Year

Time: January 1 -15 of the Tibetan calendar

At the beginning of the first month of the Tibetan calendar, men and women, old and young, greet each other as soon as they meet. During the festival, the temple will hold grand religious activities such as sutra and dancing to the gods to celebrate. People gathered around the bonfire, danced heartily, and stayed up all night.

Chaoshanhui in Mount Siguniang

Time: the fourth to the sixth day of May in the lunar calendar

It is said that the day when the girls turn into mountain peakss is on the fourth day of May in the lunar calendar. Therefore, every year, the villagers wear festival costumes, bring butter, barley wine, Zanba and other food to Guozhuang Ping(锅庄坪), the natural altar of Siguniang mountain, to sacrifice Siguniang Mountain God.


The living Buddha and Lama clean their bodies and worship the mountain gods to pray for full of grain and good weather. Local Tibetans worship Siguniang mountain together, offer prayer flags, hada and incense to the White Pagoda, and simmer mulberry, offer grass man and grass horse to the mountain god.

Mount Siguniang Climbing Festival

Siguniang mountain mountaineering Festival is a large-scale mountaineering activity jointly held by the famous outdoor brand KAILAS and Siguniang Mountain National Scenic Area Administration. On August 2, 2019, the fifth Siguniang Mountain International mountaineering festival was opened in Siguniang mountain scenic area.


The mountaineering festival mainly carries out various activities such as mountaineering, lectures, clean mountain environmental protection, and sharing meeting. The purpose of the activity is to fully explore the unique outdoor sports resources of Siguniang mountain, so that tourists can have a more three-dimensional and in-depth understanding of Siguniang mountain scenic area and experience the beauty of "Oriental holy mountain and outdoor paradise" of Siguniang mountain in a unique way.

Mount Siguniang International Ice climbing Festival

At the end of 2018, "2018-2019 China ABA Ice and Snow Sports Tour - Siguniang Mountain International Ice Climbing Festival" was opened in Siguniang mountain scenic area, Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture. The ice climbing activity is held in the "Oriental holy mountain, outdoor paradise" Siguniang mountain scenic spot, which has more than 10 snow mountains with an altitude of more than 5000 meters and more than 100 natural ice walls. As one of the super events of ice climbing challenge and experience, it has attracted many ice climbers and outdoor sports fans to join in Siguniang mountain scenic area.


Night climbing, lighting ceremony, experts leading climbing, free climbing experience, pre-final of drytooling, night sharing meeting at Yaomeifeng peak, Guozhuang bonfire party, etc.

Activities in Mount Siguniang

Mount Climbing

Mount Siguniang Area is rich in mountain resources. There are 61 peaks above 5000 meters above sea level and many peaks between 4000 meters and 5000 meters. The difficulty of climbing ranges from primary to advanced. It is suitable for mountaineering enthusiasts of different levels. 

Mountain peaks for experiencing include: Dafeng peak, Erfeng peak, etc.; for outreach include: Sanfeng peak, Camel peak, Yangmantai Peak, etc.; for professional climbing include: Yaomei peak, Pomu peak, Budala peak, Yutu peak, Wuse mountain, etc.

Rock-climbing and Ice-climbing

There are also hundreds of ice walls in Shuangqiaogou Valley, with about 30 ice walls for experiencing and the rest for challenging, which is the only ice climbing holy place in China with many ice walls and different difficulties. Every year, ice lovers from home and abroad come to learn, train and experience in the ice season.

Youbo Ball

The Youball is an inflatable balloon made of special materials. When playing, the player will get into the ball and roll down the grass slope. During the rolling process, the player can fully experience the stimulation brought by the alternation of rolling and weightlessness. Youbo activity on Shuangqiaogou grassland is another hot project after other outdoor products.


Rafting on the water and flowing along the current, which was once a primitive way of wading for human beings. Rafting originally originated from Eskimo kayaks and Chinese bamboo rafts, but at that time it was all to meet people's life and survival needs. Rafting became a real outdoor sport only after the Second World War. Some people who like outdoor activities tried to use retired inflatable rubber boats as drifting tools and gradually evolved into today's water rafting sport.

In Shuangqiaogou, there are recreational sightseeing rafting and experience of rapids rafting.

Crossing and Camping

At present, the mature crossing lines are: Changping valley-Bipeng valley, Shuangqiao valley-Changping valley, Haizi Valley-Wolongyan, etc. There are many camping sites in the scenic area. At present, they are mainly concentrated in Changping valley and Haizi Valley.

Mountain Cycling

The experience of riding at high altitude will be a test of your physical strength and willpower. Cycling at Renshenguoping of Shuangqiaogou valley, with a total length of 10 kilometers, you can ride the whole or choose one part to experience.

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