Aksu Tours

Aksu Prefecture is a little big and most must-see spots scatter in different places. Therefore, it is necessary for visitors to map out their tour routes to visit more attractions within tour time. There are some suggestions. First of all, visitors could experience different cultures by visiting scenic spots, like Kuqa Temple (库车大寺), Kuqa Royal Palace (库车王府), Thousand Buddhas Cave of Kizil (克孜尔尕哈千佛洞). These scenic spots reflect different cultures, like Qiuci culture (龟兹文化) and Duolang culture (多浪文化). Second, travelers could enjoy landscape by travelling along Tarim river (塔里木河). Visitors could enjoy the scenery of poplars. Third, visitors could enjoy snow scene and experience climbing. There are a lot of mountains in Tianshan Region. Among which, Tomor Peak is the highest. Finally, visitors could visit some places to enjoy the magic of nature, like Tianshan Grand Canyon (天山大峡谷), Wensu Grand Canyon (温宿大峡谷), Kizil Ghost City (克孜尔魔鬼城) and Miraculous Trees Garden (神木园).

More significantly, Aksu borders Hotan, Kashgar and Ili, so there are Aksu - Hotan tour, Aksu- Kashgar tour, Aksu-Ilitour and Ili-Aksu- Kashgar tour.