Aksu Travel Tips

Important Numbers:

  • China International Country Code Number: 0086
  • Police: 110 Fire: 119 Ambulance:120
  • Zip Code: 843000
  • Check Telephone Number: 114
  • Weather Report: 12121, 96121
  • Aksu Tourists' complaint: 0997-2143133
  • Traffic Supervision Hotline: 0997-12328

Post office

  • Aksu Post Office (阿克苏邮政局)
    Location: The junction of East Street and Huandong Road (东大街和环东路交叉口)
  • Jiefan Branch Post Office (解放路邮政支局)
    Location: No.15, Jiefang Middle Road;
  • South Street Branch Post Office (南大街邮政支局)
    Location: No. 5, South Street, Aksu City
    Tel: 0997-2123983


  • Construction Bank of China: No.14 Jiefang Middle Road, Aksu City
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: No.25 South Street, Aksu City
  • Agriculture Bank of China: No. 39 Yingbin Road, Aksu City
  • Bank of China: No. 1 Minzhu Road, Aksu City
  • People's Bank of China: No. 18 Yingbin Road, Aksu City

Customs and Taboos

  • Visitors should pay attention to Muslim customs and taboos in particular when travelling in Aksu.
  • Visitors shouldn’t eat pork or talk about pigs when talking with Muslims.
  • Do not poke the food in dishes or get close to the kitchen.
  • Do not wear clothing that is short and too revealing.


Don’t eat too much dry fruits at one time or drink hot tea after eating dry fruits immediately.


  • Gumo Pocket Knife (姑墨小靴刀) is forbidden to take into airplane or trains.
  • The airport security of Aksu is very stringent.
  • You’d better ask kids for directions in Aksu because some adults cannot speak Putonghua.
  • You’d better not wear contact lenses because the weather is dry and windy.