Aksu Festivals and Events

Corban Festival (古尔邦节)

Time: December 10th of the Islamic calendar
It is a Muslim festival. In the early morning of the festival, Muslims bathe and then wear neat and formal clothes to go to the mosque to attend their ceremonies. Whether in the cities or the countryside squire, grand Maxrap dancing shows are held. Colorful and wonderful decoration is made during the event. And there are all kinds of snacks as well. Except the Muslims, other nationalities like Kazak, Kirgiz, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan all have their own activities to celebrate, such as horse racing, wrestling, and other game activities.

Eid al-Fitr (开斋节/肉孜节)

Time: October 1st of the Islamic calendar
Eid al-Fitr is one of the most important festivals in Islam, and Muslims all over the world attach great importance to it. In order to celebrate the festival, there are some rules. First, people are forbidden to eat during limited time. Second, everyone needs to brush their teeth, bathe, and put on clean clothes. Third, donating something. People could donate 4 pounds of wheat or eight pounds of dates. Of course, people could some money directly. Fourth, participating in Eid al-Fitr worship activities. Muslims go to mosques in the morning to attend ceremonies and other activities, and then bless each other.

Nowruz Festival (诺鲁孜节)

Time: From March 20th to 22nd
It is the traditional festival of Uyghur, Kazak, Uzbek, Tajik, and it is also the most important festival of Uygur. It is “the Spring Festival” of Uyghur, which is to welcome the arrival of spring festival. The ceremony begins after dawn. On that day, parents get up first. They burn a pile of pine and cypress branches in the middle of the house, and turn the smoking branches around each person's head, wishing them peace and happiness. In order to celebrate Nowruz Day, many people began to get busy in the morning.People use left food to cook Nowruz rice with a variety of seasonings. At noon, they visited each other. After dinner, all people dance and sing happily.