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What to Eat in Aksu

Roasted Mutton in Earth Oven (馕坑肉)

The trick of this cuisine is the stove for roasting mutton. This stove is called the Earth Oven (馕坑) which is a unique kitchen utensil. Putting the whole goat in the Earth Oven after roasting naan (馕) and roasting the mutton slowly with left fire.

Thin-skinned Stuffed Dumpling (薄皮包子)

Dumplings are also very popular in Xinjiang. Combined with the characteristics of Xinjiang, laborious Xinjiang women created a unique kind of dumpling which is totally different from that of other cities, and that is thin-skinned stuffed dumpling  (薄皮包子). It is looks like dumplings, and the stuffing is made from beef meat and carrots. The most important is that dumpling wrapper is very thin so that it looks translucent after boiling.

Steamed Twisted Roll (油馓子)

It is a traditional fried food for guests in these cities, such as Xinjiang, Xi’an, Ningxia where Hui nationality live. It is made from pasta, oil and pepper. It looks like a hill and it tastes crisp.

Kuqa Noodles with Soup (库车汤面)

It is a kind of snack and it is specific because of its ingredient. The flour is the best in Kuche, and the soup and beef are boiled 8 hours with big fire. The beef needs to cut into thin slices. The noodles tastes chewy and the soup tastes delicious.

Miterka Wafu (米特尔喀瓦甫)

It means 1-meter roasted mutton kebabs in Xinjiang dialect. It tastes delicious and tasty. Miterka Wafu (米特尔喀瓦甫) sells in Xinjiang, but that sold in Kuqa (库车) is the best.

Where to Eat in Aksu

There are many restaurants in Aksu City, which provides a lot of delicious food. Visitors could eat 3 kinds of cuisines in Xinjiang at least. There is some more detailed information.

Xinglishiguang Restaurant (巷里时光)

Location: Tabei Road, Aksu City (阿克苏市塔北路)
Tel: 0997-888515
It offers Sichuan cuisines. The surrounding is very nice, and food is delicious. Besides, it is very close to Duolang Park (多浪公园), and railway station and coach station.

Awat’s Roasted Mutton in Earth Oven (阿瓦提馕坑肉)

Location: Jiefang South, Aksu City (阿克苏市解放南路)
It mainly offers roasted mutton in earth oven. Of course, it also provides other traditional food of Xinjiang, like thin-skinned stuffed dumplings  (薄皮包子). The fitment of this restaurant is full of Uighur tradition. Visitors could enjoy Xinjiang dance if eating here.

Wumaierjiang Maimaiti Food Palace (吾买尔江买买提美食城)

Location: Tuanjie Road, Kuqa County, Aksu Prefecture (阿克苏地区库车县团结路)
Tel: 0997-7124634
It is a specific restaurant in Kuqa County (库车县), and it mainly offers roasted mutton in earth oven (馕坑肉). Besides, its mutton is very authentic, and its plain yogurt is tasty.

Yali’s Roasted Mutton in Earth Oven (亚力馕坑肉)

Location: East Gate of Ruijia District, Kuqa County (库车县瑞嘉小区东门)
It mainly offers different kinds of roasted mutton, like roasted mutton in earth oven (馕坑肉), mutton cubes roasted on a skewer (烤羊肉串), etc. The food tastes delicious, but the price of this restaurant is higher that that of other restaurants.

Dicos (德克士)

Location: Tianshan Road, Aksu (阿克苏市天山路)
It is a fast food restaurant just like KFC and McDonald’s. It offers homburgs, french fries, ice cream, fried chicken and so on.

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