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Aksu Prefecture is one of the most abundant water resources in Xinjiang.There are 1298 glaciers in the country, covering an area of 4098 square kilometers and storing about 215,4 billion cubic meters of water. Besides, the soil in Aksu is so fertile that there are many wild plants and animals. Owing to these resources, there are many goods that visitors could buy for gifts or souvenirs.

What to Buy in Aksu

Saussurea Involucrate (天山雪莲)

It is also called “Snow Lotus”, and it’s the most famous local specialties of Aksu. Actually, it is a kind of herb which mainly grows in the Tienshan (天山). It is very difficult to pick one because it takes about 5 years to bloom and it is hidden in icy slopes and rock crevices.

Kuqa Little White Apricot (库车小白杏)

Kuqa is famous as the “Apricot Village”. The whole county planted more than 50, 000 square kilometers of little white apricot, with an annual output of more than 15, 000 tons. There are 23 species of apricot. Among them, little white apricot is a famous kind. Its Uighur name is "Akki Missy", which means "white honey".

Aksu Apple (阿克苏苹果)

Aksu Apple, also known as “Garrigo” (加丽果), is one of China's National Geographic indications products. Aksu apple tastes very delicious because where it grows is rich in sunshine and heat. It has the characteristics of smooth and delicate fruit surface, bright color and sweet taste.

Salimu Old Yogurt (赛里木老酸奶)

Salimu is a small town of Baicheng County, Aksu Prefecture. The secret of Salimu old yogurt (赛里木老酸奶) is the skill and ingredients. Women here are good at making yogurt, and their skills of making yogurt is passed down from one generation to another. And the milk for making Salimu old yogurt (赛里木老酸奶) is from cattle that grow in Salimu, eating herbs and drinking water from Tienshan.

Gumo Pocket Knife (姑墨小靴刀)

This kind of knife is only used in Wensu County. Wensu people used it in their daily life for peeling, cutting fruits, meat and wood. It is said that it is invented by a price of Gumo (姑墨国) to attract a daughter of a minister.

Colorful Daf (彩色达甫鼓)

It is a kind of drum with colorful patterns and paintings. It can be seen in Uighurs’ daily life. It is used in all kinds of ceremonies and activities.

Where to Buy in Aksu

Kuqa Bazaar (库车大巴扎)

It is located in Tuanjie Road, Kuqa County. It’s one of the most famous bazaars in Aksu. There are many specialties that visitors could buy including all kinds of dry fruits. And it is very close to some scenic spots, such as Kuqa Temple (库车大寺), Kuqa Palace (库车王府) and so on.

Shaoye’s Shop for Dry Fruits (少爷干果专卖店)

It is located in No.6 South Street, Aksu City  (阿克苏市南大街6号). And the telephone number is 0997-2142578. This shop only sells dry fruits, and it’s abundant in types.

Qiman Commercial Pedestrian Street (齐满镇商业步行街)

It is located in the center of Qiman Town, Kuqa County. It is close to National Highway 217. There are more than 100 stores, covering 12,848 square kilometers. It provides all kinds of goods.

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