Aksu Transportation

There is some detailed information on Aksu’s transportation that will help you a lot in your trip to Aksu.

How to Get & Leave Aksu

By Air

There are two airports in Aksu and both of them are not big. One is Aksu Wensu Airport (阿克苏温宿机场) and the other is Kuche Quici Airport (库车龟兹机场). Here are some detailed information about Aksu Wensu Airport (阿克苏温宿机场). It is located in the north of Aksu City, and it’s 10 kilometers away from the downtown area. It offers 7 flights to Urumqi (乌鲁木齐) and 4 flights to Hotan (和田). Among which, the departure time of Flight CZ6862 is at 11:45 and it arrives at Urumqi (乌鲁木齐) on 13:35; the departure time of Flight CZ6866 is at 12:40 and it arrives at Urumqi (乌鲁木齐) on 14:30; the departure time of Flight CZ6864 is at 17:00 and it arrives at Urumqi (乌鲁木齐) on 18:50.

By Train

There are 5 railway stations in Aksu, namely Aksu Railway Station (阿克苏火车站), Kuqa Railway Station (库车火车站), Xinhe Railway Station (新和火车站), Kalpin Railway Station (柯坪火车站) and Jinyinchuan Railway Station (金银川火车站). Among them, Aksu Railway Station is the significant one that offers many railway trains to other cities.

Aksu Railway Station (阿克苏火车站)
Location: The junction of Zhongyuan Road (中原路) and Jiaotong Road (交通路)
Tel: 0997-663522; 0997-12306
It offers a lot of trains to other cities of cities of Xinjiang, such as Urumqi (乌鲁木齐), Hotan (和田) , Kashgar (喀什) and so on and other provinces that are mostly close to Xinjiang. It is 12.8 kilometers away from Aksu Wensu Airport(阿克苏温宿机场).

Kuche Railway Station (库车火车站)
Location: Huanghe Road, Wuzun Town, Kuche County (库车县乌尊镇黄河路)
Tel: 0997-6636462; 0997-12306
It doesn’t offer trains to other cities directly, but many other trains would stop at Kuche Railway Station. Therefore, visitors also can take trains to other cities, like Urumqi (乌鲁木齐), Hotan (和田), Kashgar (喀什), Chengdu (成都), Chongqing (重庆), Hangzhou (杭州) and so on.

Xinhe Railway Station (新和火车站)
Location: Tuanjie Road, Xinhe Town, Xinhe County, Aksu (阿克苏地区新和县新和镇团结路)
Tel: 0997-6633102; 0997-12306
It is a very small railway station in Xinjiang, and it doesn’t offer trains to other cities directly. Luckily, many trains that go to other big cities will stop here, and then visitors can take trains to other big cities like Chengdu (成都), Chongqing (重庆), Xi’an (西安).

Kalpin Railway Station (柯坪火车站)
Location: Kalpin County, Aksu
Tel: 0997-95105150; 0997-12306
It offers 20 trains to 10 cities, namely Hotan (和田), Urumqi (乌鲁木齐), Kashgar  (喀什), Shanghai (上海), Nanning (南宁), Nanjing (南京),and  Xi’an (西安).

Jinyinchuan Railway Station (金银川火车站)
Location: Jinyinchuan, Aksu City (阿克苏市金银川)
Tel: 0997-6635319; 0997-12306
It’s a very small railway station and it provides a few trains to other cities. Some trains from other cities like Kashgar (喀什) will stop here.

By Long-distance Buses

There are many coach stations in Aksu. Most of them are in Aksu City, and they provides a lot of coaches to other cities of Xinjiang, like Hotan (和田), Urumqi  (乌鲁木齐), Kashgar  (喀什) and counties of Aksu, like Kuqa County (库车县), Xinhe County (新和县), Shaya County (沙雅县), Baicheng County (拜城县). Besides, there are some coach stations in counties of Aksu, like Wensu Coach Station (温宿汽车站), Awat Coach Station (阿瓦提汽车站) and Baicheng Coach Station (拜城汽车站). There is more detailed information.

Coach Station of Aksu Prefecture (阿克苏地区客运站)
Location: Tabei Road, Aksu City, Aksu Prefecture (阿克苏地区阿克苏市塔北路)
Tel: 0997-2612229
It is the biggest coach stations in Aksu Prefecture. It provides many coaches to other cities, such asHotan (和田), Urumqi  (乌鲁木齐), Kashgar (喀什). In addition, it is only 2.2 kilometers away form Duolang Park (多浪公园).

Aksu Center Coach Station (阿克苏中心客运站)
Location: Wuka Road, Aksu City, Aksu Prefecture (阿克苏地区阿克苏市乌喀路)
It offers many coaches to counties of Aksu Prefecture. It offers 1 coach every hour to Kuqa County  (库车县), Baicheng County (拜城) and Xinhe County  (新河县) from 10 o’clock to 20 o’clock every day.

Aksu Coach Station (阿克苏汽车站)
Location: Jiaotong Road, Aksu City, Aksu Prefecture
Tel: 0997-2873242
It offers coaches to other cities of Xinjiang. It offers 1 coach every day to Urumqi  (乌鲁木齐) and Korla City (库尔勒市), and it provides 2 coaches every day to Kalpin County (柯坪县). What’s more, it offers 1 coach every hour to Awat County (阿瓦提县) and Wushi County (乌什县).

By Self-driving Car

Actually, driving is one of the best ways to visit Aksu because visitors could stop to enjoy picturesque scenery. In recent years, many roads and some highways have been built with the help of the government. There 3 national roads in Aksu Prefecture, namely G217, G219 and G314. In addition, there are 3 provincial roads in Aksu Prefecture, namely S209, S215 and S306.

How to Get Around


There are 35 bus lines in Aksu, but it doesn’t cover the whole city. There are no bus lines in Jiaoyu Road (教育路), Jiankang Road (健康路), Zhongyuan Road (中原路), Wenhua West Road (文化西路) and Tabei Road (塔北路). Luckily, there are some buses going to Shajinzi (沙井子), Tobruk (托布鲁克),and Kumu Bashen (库木巴什). Buses work from 8:30-20:30, and the bus ticket is about 2 yuan.


There are 22 taxi companies, so it is easy for visitors to take taxi in Aksu. The telephone number for calling a taxi is 0997-96511, and the starting price is 5 yuan.