Aksu Climate

According to seasons, it is dry and windy in spring, accompanied by floating dust and sand. In summer, there are many thunderstorms. And sometimes there are torrential rain, hail and so on. The weather is nice in autumn. In winter, it is relatively warm, with less rain and snow. The monthly 24-hour average temperature ranges from −7.8 °C in January to 23.8 °C, and the annual mean is 10.25 °C. Its precipitation totals only 74 millimeters annually, and mostly falls in summer. The frost-free period averages 200−220 days.

In terms of different topography, the climate is humid and rainy in mountain areas in the northern and western, and it is cool in summer and cold in winter. Besides, the plain area is relatively dry except the Baicheng Basin(拜城盆地) and the Wushi Valley(乌什谷地), and it is hot in summer and cold in winter. However, the summer in Baicheng basin and Wushi valley is slightly shorter and slightly longer in winter than other places. The desert area in the southern is with less rain. The climate of this area is hot in summer and cold as well as dry in winter, and it is windy and sandy.

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