China Travel in March

China Travel in March will introduce the China weather in March, what to pack for China travel in March, best places to visit in March and festivals in March. March is the early spring in China and the weather is getting warmer. Plants begin to turn green and flowers are beginning to decorate the world with colorful colors. There are vibrant scenery everywhere, which is a good time to travel. Coupled with, after the long Spring Festival holiday, there is no public holiday in China in March, so for international tourists, March is an ideal travel time because the off-season for local tourists will reduce the flow of people to major tourist attractions like the Great Wall.

China Weather in March

Due to China’s vast territory, the weather in various regions of China varies greatly. In March, north China finally begins to heat up, while central China is still cold and humid. More rainy days are expected in central and south China. In the south, warm weather makes people pleasant, and cool spring temperature makes tourists have a more comfortable sightseeing experience.

China Weather in March By Region & What to Pack

China has a wide range of climates, from cold weather in the north to warm spring and blooming flowers in the south. The weather in March in China varies from region to region.

North China in March

  • Representative Cities: BeijingXianHarbinChangchunJinanShenyangTianjin
  • Weather Feature: North China is getting warmer in March. Snow melts more than it stays from Beijing southwards, while Beijing northward, it is definitely a cold winter until April. March in the north is still very cold. The temperature difference between day and night is more than 10℃. Sandstorms and smog may occur in cities in northern China this month. In Beijing, the average temperature in March is 0-12℃ (33-54 degrees Fahrenheit), with 1-2 days of rain/snow.
  • What to Pack: Winter coat, thick trousers, socks and warm shoes are needed. If you travel in a place north of Beijing, thick hats, gloves, scarves, etc. are very necessary.

East China in March

  • Representative Cities: ShanghaiHuangshanNanjingHangzhou
  • Weather Feature: As a prelude to the summer monsoon season, east China is getting wetter. It drizzles for about half of the month. It’s windy in east China, and light to moderate breezes are very common. The average temperature in March in Shanghai is 6-13℃, with about 10 days of rain.
  • What to Pack: Long sleeves, thick pants, sweater, windproof jacket and rain gear or umbrella are needed.

Central China in March

  • Representative Cities: HefeiWuhanChangshaNanchang
  • Weather Feature: The weather is warming up, but it still feels chilly during the day because of the damp. 
  • What to Pack: Coat, warm trousers, and pullover.

South China in March

  • Representative Cities: GuilinGuangzhouSanyaHong KongMacauShenzhen
  • Weather Feature: March is a cool/mild and rainy season in South China. In the south, people begin to take off their thick winter clothes and put on spring clothes. Take Guilin for example, in March, the average temperature in Guilin is 10-17℃, with an average of 19 days of rainfall. 
  • What to Pack: A coat, warm pants, pullovers and rain gear are enough.

West China in March

  • Representative Cities: ChengduKunmingLhasaChongqing
  • Weather Feature: In March, due to high altitude, most parts of west China are still in a dry winter. The temperature difference between day and night is particularly large. The best weather is in Yunnan. Nyingchi in the southeast of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau also enters spring from March. The average temperature in March is about -2-13°C in Lhasa, 8-17°C in Chengdu, 7-21°C in Kunming and 7-20°C in Lijiang.
  • What to Pack: Wear thin sweater or jacket during the daytime and thick coat at night.

China Weather and Climate in March by Cities

Best Places to Visit in March

March is regarded as the beginning of spring and brings milder temperatures to all parts of China. There are more pleasant destinations to visit.


Guilin is one of the best places to visit in China in March. From Guilin to Yangshuo, you can take a boat tour along the Lijiang River decorated with karst mountains on both sides. Once there, you can float on the Yulong River by bamboo raft, or you can enjoy dozens of acres of rape flowers along the country road by bicycle to discover the the idyllic beauty. Unique landscape scenery is also the perfect theme of photography. Although it often drizzles in March and the humidity is very high, the Lijiang River shrouded by mist is a highlight in Guilin. You cannot see this often in other months.


Yunnan is one of the first choice places for China to travel in March. You can take a leisurely walk in the Lijiang Ancient Town, take a boat on Lugu Lake, and enjoy the flowers blooming everywhere. Yunnan is also home to various ethnic groups in China. You will have chance to experience different minority cultures.


Dali is famous for its beautiful scenery and Bai customs. Dali is one of the birthplaces of Yunnan culture. There are many historical relics that can help you understand the history of Yunnan province, including Dali Old Town and Three Pagodas. Xizhou folk house is a good place to study Bai culture. In the pleasant warm spring, you absolutely can’t miss the natural scenery of Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain.

Top Attractions in Dali

Dali, a place with long history, is always a heaven for many people all over the world. Dali is also a perfect destination for people who want to seek antiquity or explore the fascinating natural sceneries. When you come to Dali, the top attractions in Dali are must-visit. 

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In March, Lijiang’s dry, cool and mild weather is suitable for outdoor activities, such as Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking.

Tiger Leaping Gorge Tours

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Nyingchi in Tibet

At the end of March, the Nyingchi peach blossoms festival is officially opened, and tourism in Tibet is gradually picking up. Nyingchi has an average elevation of only 3,000 meters, with rich vegetation and diverse terrain. There are not only river valleys and plains, but also forests and snowy mountains. Nyingchi’s unique scenery is also known as the little Switzerland of the east. March-April is the peak season for tourism in Nyingchi, not only because of the peach blossom festival in Nyingchi, but also because in March, Namjiabawa peak is easier to see, and Ranwu lake is clearer. Ranwu Lake is also in its most beautiful season.

The temperature of Nyingchi in March ranges from 0℃ to 15℃, with occasional snow. The weather in Nyingchi changes very quickly. It may still be sunny and full of flowers during the day, but after a night, the peach blossoms are covered by snow. Therefore, you can only know the weather through the weather forecast before you arrive in Nyingchi.

Nyingchi Peach Blossoms Festival

March is also the off-season for tourism in Tibet, as it is winter in other areas except Nyingchi, which enters spring. However, the number of tourists will start to increase at the end of March every year, mainly because of the peach blossom festival in Nyingchi. The peach blossom season in Nyingchi is from March 25 to April 15 every year. Nyingchi is already in spring because of its low altitude, and peach blossoms are blooming under the snowy mountains.


Wuyuan is famous for its “most beautiful village in China”, which has many architectural features of Ming and Qing dynasties, including 113 ancient ancestral halls, 28 ancient mansions, 36 ancient dwelling houses and 187 ancient bridges. March is the best month to visit Wuyuan. In this month, rape flowers are blooming one after another, forming a yellow sea of flowers. This vast yellow “sea” is dotted with many Hui-style houses with white walls and black roofs. From a distance, it looks like an oil painting. The picturesque scenery also attracts many photography lovers.


Shanghai is a modern metropolis with many skyscrapers, and the Bund is the best place to appreciate them. The night view of Shanghai is more charming, and the best way to enjoy the nightview is to take a boat tour of Huangpu River. Shanghai boasts many historical relics, such as the traditional Chinese style Yu Garden and Jade Buddha. In addition, its colonial history has left many western architectures in the 1920s and 1930s, such as Shikumen in Xintiandi. In a word, the combination of multi-cultures makes Shanghai a magical city.


In March, Suzhou is full of beautiful flowers and green trees. You can go to traditional gardens to appreciate the perfect combination of garden architecture art and natural scenery. Clear ponds, delicate rockeries, cherry blossoms and peach blossoms are the most wonderful scenery in Suzhou in spring. 

Zhouzhuang Water Town

The ancient water town is one of the representative tourist attractions in the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Zhouzhuang Water Town is located near Suzhou, a city famous for its traditional Chinese gardens. It is the oldest ancient water town in China, with the most beautiful scenery, but it is more crowded and commercialized than other places. Zhouzhuang has a long history, is a typical style of water town in the south of the Yangtze River, has a unique cultural landscape, and is a treasure of Chinese water town culture and Wu culture. More than 60% of the dwellings in Zhouzhuang Town are still built in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The ancient town with only 0.47 square kilometers has nearly 100 classical houses and more than 60 brick carving gates. 14 ancient Bridges with distinctive features have been preserved.


The beautiful West Lake and Su Causeway, the unique Xixi National Wetland Park and the Leifeng Pagoda are all beautiful sights that cannot be missed when visiting Hangzhou in March. Walking around the West Lake, you will not only appreciate the beautiful landscape of lake and mountain, but also occasionally see various birds passing by. In the evening, the sun slowly set and the mountains pile up in the distance, forming a beautiful landscape painting.

Top Attractions in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is best-known for its natural scenery featuring southern China landscape. 

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Chengdu- Giant Panda

March is the off season in Chengdu. So it is a good time for tourists to see the lovely giant panda at the panda base, and there are fewer tour groups visiting Chengdu in March. You can spend a quieter time with giant pandas.

Beijing- The Great Wall

Late March is one of the best times to go hiking on the Great Wall, because the temperature is suitable during the daytime, the weather is dry and there are few crowd.

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China Festivals and Events by Month

In March, main festivals in China include International Women’s Day, Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival and Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival, etc.