China Travel in October

China Travel in October will introduce the China weather in October, what to pack for China travel in October, best places to visit in October, festivals in October and travel tips. October may be one of the best months to visit China. In China, October is autumn, because of the fine weather, the locals call it “golden October”. For most travelers, the temperature will drop to a more comfortable level. The cool weather in October will make your trip to China more comfortable and pleasant.

China Weather in October

The temperature in October is relatively low but mild. There are plenty of sunny days to enjoy autumn leaves, but the weather varies greatly in different regions. Although Beijing has remained moderately cool and dry throughout the month, Guangzhou, a southern city, is still relatively hot and rainy. Generally speaking, the average daily temperature in October in China is 10-20°C. In most cases, Chinese cities experience a cooling in October, but there will still be moderate rain in south and east China. In autumn weather of China, multi-layer clothes are essential. If you plan to travel to many places, bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes, such as flat shoes or tennis shoes. You should adjust your packing list according to the areas you travel in China.

China Weather in October By Region & What to Pack

Due to China’s vast territory, different regions have different weather. The following is the weather situation in major regions of China in October.

North China in October

  • Representative Cities: BeijingXianHarbinChangchunJinanShenyangTianjin
  • Weather Feature: The temperature in northern cities drops significantly in October, and the temperature at night can be lower than 10°C. The rainy season in summer is over, so it is usually dry, but cold air will bring light rain. The average temperature of Beijing in October is 8-19°C with light rain. The weather in Beijing is clear and sunny, suitable for watching maple leaves of Fragrant Hill and outdoor sports.
  • What to Pack: Generally speaking, it is a good choice to wear a thin jacket or a fleece during the daytime, with a thicker coat at night.

East China in October

  • Representative Cities: ShanghaiHuangshanNanjingHangzhou
  • Weather Feature: Cities in east China can enjoy pleasant autumn weather in most days of October. Usually the weather is still warm and the rainfall is much less than in August, except for tropical storms or typhoons. The average temperature of Shanghai in October is 15-23°C. 
  • What to Pack: A light jacket, light clothing and shorts. Remember to bring an umbrella. 

Central China in October

  • Representative Cities: WuhanChangshaNanchangZhangjiajie
  • Weather Feature: This part of China, near the Yangtze River, is mild for most of October. There may be a rain every three days. The average temperature of Zhangjiajie in October is 15-22°C. The mountains in Zhangjiajie are cooler, but it is good weather for hiking.
  • What to Pack: Shorts, T-shirt, long sleeves, light coat, and rain gear.

South China in October

  • Representative Cities: GuilinGuangzhouSanyaHong KongMacauShenzhen
  • Weather Feature: Cities in south China are still quite hot in early October. The rainfall here is only half that of summer. The average temperature of Guilin in October is 19-27°C, with less precipitation. It is a good weather for traveling, hiking and cycling. By the end of October, Hong Kong’s autumn weather will eventually become cooler and drier. However, sometimes there are typhoons and heavy rains.
  • What to Pack: Shorts, T-shirt, light clothing and rain gear

West China in October

  • Representative Cities: ChengduKunmingLhasaChongqing
  • Weather Feature: The temperature drops obviously and it is cold at night. By the end of the month, lakes in Tibet begin to freeze. The mountains become cold and begin to be covered with snow. Whether the weather is cold or warm depends on the altitude to some extent. The average temperature in October is 5-19℃ in Lhasa, 15-21℃ in Chengdu, 13-22℃ in Kunming and 9-21℃ in Lijiang.
  • What to Pack: Jacket/coat and trousers, hat and other sunscreen products. A trip to Tibet and other high altitude areas in west China in October requires warm clothes.

China Weather and Climate in October by Cities

Best Places to Visit in October

October is the best month to enjoy the autumn scenery in China. The best tourist attractions include the Great Wall in Beijing, Mount Huangshan, Jiuzhaigou and Zhangjiajie, etc.


October is one of the most beautiful months on the Great Wall. Climbing the Great Wall is one of the most popular activities in north China. Yellow and red leaves decorate the Great Wall, which seems to be crisscrossed in a huge colorful painting, making it more beautiful than usual.

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Rainfall is less than summer, so you can do more outdoor activities in Shanghai and its surrounding areas. The yellow ginkgo trees on both sides of the road make the city of Shanghai more beautiful. Standing on the Bund, you can enjoy the different architectural styles of the Oriental Pearl Tower and the surrounding skyscrapers. If you are interested in fashion and shopping, you can go to Nanjing Road. The former French concession is a good place to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy unique tranquility. Going to Disneyland is also a good choice to make your fairy tale dream come true.


Cool temperatures mean autumn is a good time to explore the Silk Road. Xi’an is the eastern terminus of the ancient desert trade route through west China. Then continue to Lanzhou, Dunhuang and Urumqi along the Silk Road to experience the cultures and customs of different parts of China.


There is no doubt that visiting the panda base and watching the lovely pandas up close are Chengdu’s first choices. Other things worth doing include tasting hot pot or Sichuan cuisine, enjoying leisure time in teahouses, and watching the magic face off in Sichuan Opera.


As the weather is cool and the sky is clear, October is still a good time to take a boat tour of Lijiang River in Guilin. The water level is still very high. You can enjoy the essence of Lijiang River. In the countryside of Yangshuo, this is also a good time to ride a bicycle.

Longji Rice Terraces

Most people will think that the Longji rice terraces are the most beautiful in early summer, because the whole terraces is in irrigation. In fact, the Longji rice terraces in autumn, especially in the first half of October, are decorated with a large area of golden rice, which is also worth a see. Tourists can also experience local celebrations of Zhuang and Yao ethnic groups.

Note: The sunrise of Longji Rice Terraces cannot be missed. There are hotels where you can stay overnight. Get up early in the morning, hike to high places, and wait for the sun to penetrate the horizon.

The Yellow Mountain/Huangshan

Huangshan is one of the most famous mountain areas in China, attracting numerous tourists with its strangely-shaped pines and grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds and hot spring. The weather gets colder and drier in October, which is one of the best months to visit mountain areas, whether it is hiking or photography. Colorful autumn leaves and peaks complement each other and are suitable for shooting anywhere. Standing on the top of the mountain, watch the magnificent sea of clouds and the breathtaking sunrise. Visit the ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi at the foot of the mountain to appreciate the elegant demeanour of Huizhou architecture. The temperature difference on the mountain varies greatly between day and night. It reaches 18-25°C during the daytime in October and drops to 0-10°C at night.


October is the most beautiful photographing season in Jiuzhaigou. At this time, the leaves begin to change color, some are golden, some are dazzling red, and some are still green. Trees are reflected in blue and clear lakes, show different characteristics at different times and from different angles. Jiuzhaigou has become God’s palette. Autumn in Jiuzhaigou is very short (only September and October). October is already late autumn. Less rainfall and cool temperatures make your trip to Jiuzhaigou more smoothly and pleasant.

Note: The average elevation of Jiuzhaigou is about 3,000 meters, which results in a large temperature difference between day and night. Both thin coats and down jackets are needed.


Zhangjiajie is famous for its amazing rock pillar landscape. September and October are the best months for hiking in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, because the weather is comfortable, the mountains are cool, and (except for the first week of October) it is quiet. You can hike for 4-5 days in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon on the world’s highest glass bridge, and take the world’s longest cable car to visit Tianmen Mountain.


You can enjoy more sunny days in autumn. It is another golden period for traveling in Yunnan. In Lijiang’s countryside, you have the chance to see a great view of the harvest. Autumn is also the best time for admiring the colorful scenery in Shangri-La and for hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge.


Shangri-La is recommended by China Tourism Expo as one of the best tourist destinations in early summer. However, autumn (September and October) is also a good time to visit Shangri-La. Shangri-La is a place of pastoral scenery, with quiet lakes, verdant forests, vast grasslands and flocks of cattle and sheep, mysterious monasteries and snowy mountains. The most popular scenic spots in Shangri-La include Pudacuo National Park, Meili Snow Mountain, Songzanlin Monastery, Bita Lake and Shudu Lake, Napa Lake and Baishui. Feilai Temple is the best place to enjoy the sunrise and sunset of Meili Snow Mountain. If you are interested in ethnic culture, you can visit local Tibetan and Naxi families.

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In October, Tibet begins to become quiet. Some areas, such as Ngari, Nagqu and other high-altitude areas, begin to enter the winter, with the temperature dropping, dry air and fewer tourists. But these places are still suitable for tourism, but most tourists choose the peak season to travel to Tibet, so after China’s National Day holiday, Tibet travel begins to enter the off-season. 

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China Festivals and Events by Month

In October, the main festivals and events in China include National Day, Ningbo International Fashion Fair, Shanghai Jewelry Expo, Music China, etc. 

Travel Tips For China Travel in October

  • If you decide to travel to China in autumn, it is better not to plan your trip in the first week of October, the so-called “golden week”, because at this time you will suffer large crowds, expensive air tickets and full-booked hotel rooms all over the country.
  • During the golden week, the major domestic tourist attractions are packed with people. Thrifty travelers should book domestic air tickets after the first week of October because prices will drop.
  • If you plan to west China, especially Tibet and western Yunnan, where the altitude is higher. The temperature of west China will drop sharply this month and may drop below zero by the end of October. So do remember to bring warm clothes.
  • October is a good month to visit the Great Wall in Beijing, but you may need to book accommodation and air tickets in advance because it is also one of the busiest tourist seasons in Beijing.