China Travel in September

China Travel in September will introduce the China weather in September, what to pack for China travel in September, best places to visit in September, festivals in September and travel tips. September is the beginning of autumn weather in China. The summer heat begins to weaken and the weather in the north becomes cooler. In south China, hot and humid weather continues, but it will gradually be replaced by cooler and drier weather by the end of this month.

China Weather in September

When the whole of China starts to cool down in September, how wet your trip will be and how cool it will be at night will depend on which part of China you are going to. For example, if you are going to Beijing in north China, you will experience a drier weather with both high and low temperatures. On the other hand, Guangzhou in southern coast or Shanghai in eastern coast is wet and warm for most of the month.

China Weather in September By Region & What to Pack

Due to China’s vast territory, different regions have different weather. The following is the weather situation in major regions of China in September.

North China in September

  • Representative Cities: BeijingXianHarbinChangchunJinanShenyangTianjin
  • Weather Feature: The weather in North China is pleasant, mild and sunny in September. The beginning of the month may still be summer, and the rainy season ends in August. Pleasant early autumn is a good weather for traveling. The average temperature in Beijing is 16-26°C, with about 5 rainy days. Xi’an is similar to Beijing. In areas further north of Beijing, such as Inner Mongolia, the average temperature is 5°C lower, so it is still very pleasant to see grasslands.
  • What to Pack: Summer clothes, such as shorts, T-shirts and light pants, with a thin jacket or warm coat for cool days and nights.

East China in September

  • Representative Cities: ShanghaiHuangshanNanjingHangzhou
  • Weather Feature: The weather in east China is pleasant in September, with warm daytime, cool nights and less rainfall than summer. The climate is not as dry as in the north. The average temperature in Shanghai is 21-28°C. The weather of eastern cities such as Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Huangshan is similar to that of Shanghai.
  • What to Pack: Bring summer clothing like shorts, T-shirt, and add a coat/jacket for cooler evenings.

Central China in September

  • Representative Cities: WuhanChangshaNanchangZhangjiajie
  • Weather Feature: In September, temperatures along the Yangtze River drop significantly. Chengdu, Chongqing and Zhangjiajie are still warm. The average temperature in Zhangjiajie is 20-30°C. Rainfall in some areas has fallen by about half from August.
  • What to Pack: Bring shorts, light trousers and T-shirt, and add a thin jacket for cooler evenings and rainy days. 

South China in September

  • Representative Cities: GuilinGuangzhouSanyaHong KongMacauShenzhen
  • Weather Feature: The temperature in south China is obviously higher than that in north China. The average temperature in Guilin is 22-31°C, and the precipitation decreases. Temperatures are higher in southern cities such as Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Different from other parts of China, Hong Kong and the southeast China are still wet, warm at night, and typhoon brings a lot of rain.
  • What to Pack: Shorts or light trousers, summer clothing, T-shirts, sunglasses, and hat.

West China in September

  • Representative Cities: ChengduKunmingLhasaChongqing
  • Weather Feature: There are many mountains and deserts in western China, so the weather conditions are very complicated. In plateau areas, there will still be light rain or showers in September, but the duration is short and will not affect outdoor activities. In Lhasa and other high-altitude cities in Tibet, the temperature is lower than that in the farther eastern cities. The average temperature in September is 9-21°C in Lhasa, 16-25°C in Lijiang, 12-24°C in Urumqi Silk Road, 18-25°C in Chengdu and 17-25°C in Kunming.
  • What to Pack: When traveling in west China, you need all kinds of clothes, such as jackets, light trousers, T-shirts and rain gear. If you’re going to the mountain areas, for example, Lijiang in west Yunnan, you should bring a coat. When you go to Lhasa, you may need to bring your warm coat and sunglasses and put on more layers of clothes.

China Weather and Climate in September by Cities

Best Places to Visit in September

September is one of the best months to visit vast areas of China because the weather is pleasant and mild. The most worthwhile places to visit in September include the historic cities of Beijing and Xi’an, Guilin with charming natural scenery, and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, etc. 


Autumn is the peak season for traveling to Beijing. Low rainfall and moderate temperature can make your trip to Beijing smoother and more pleasant. Beijing has some of China’s best world heritages, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven. In this historical capital, you can enjoy Chinese culture and history to the maximum extent. Tourists are also recommended to taste Beijing roast duck and watch kung fu performances.


Guilin has cool weather and much less rain than in early summer. This brings better weather to Lijiang River cruise. The end of September is the best time to watch the golden Longji rice terraces.


Xi’an in September is still warm, but cool at night. The temperature is lower after light rain. This is good weather for visiting scenic spots in Xi’an. You can ride bicycles on the ancient city wall to overlook the different landscapes of the inner city and the outer city, visit the Terra-cotta Warriors to explore the secrets of the Terra-cotta Warriors with a history of more than 2,000 years, taste Shaanxi cuisine and buy souvenirs in Muslim areas, and climb Huashan Mountain, known for its dangerous cliffs and narrow paths.


Shanghai has always been very popular, but September is more suitable for outdoor activities, so it is a good idea to take high-speed train to Suzhou, Hangzhou and other cities around Shanghai. Before that, you can stroll along the Bund, admiring historical buildings and the glittering skyscrapers, or go to Shanghai’s tallest building, the Shanghai Tower, to overlook the whole city. 


August is the month when most giant pandas give birth. If you visit Chengdu in September, you will have a great chance to see the newborn panda. In addition, you can also visit the mountains around Chengdu. Jiuzhaigou is one of the best scenic spots around Chengdu. In autumn, people can see the most beautiful scenery when the leaves turn gold and red, in sharp contrast to the clear green lakes. The color is so bright, just like an oil painting.

The Yellow Mountain/Huangshan

Huangshan is one of the most famous and beautiful mountain areas in China. Strange pine trees and rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs are the four highlights of Huangshan. Although Huangshan is worth visiting all year round, September is the best time. Because the hot summer is over, autumn adds a cool mystery to Huangshan. Precipitation decreases and sunrise is easier to see. In addition, the temperature difference between day and night is large, so remember to bring some warm clothes.

Kanas Nature Reserve

Kanas in September is a good place to take pictures. Various forest belts are brightly colored. The dazzling snow on the top of the mountain and the glittering Kanas Lake form a magnificent picture. In addition, the world’s last Tuva wooden villages, including Baihaba Village and Hemu Village, should not be missed.

Daocheng Yading

Daocheng Yading is a colorful world in September. Snow-covered mountains are decorated with red shrubs, yellow broad-leaved forests and gray reeds, which are exceptionally beautiful and pure. The roadside ponds are covered with red aquatic plants every autumn, and the milk lake is bright blue, which is perfect for a photography tour.

The Yangtze River

Qutang Gorge is a scenic spot on 10 yuan banknotes. Wu Gorge is the most impressive part of Three Gorges. Xiling Gorge is the longest in the Three Gorges and is famous for its many beaches and fast-flowing water. The best way to visit the Three Gorges is to take a Yangtze River cruise. When traveling by boat, tourists can visit the magical Fengdu ghost town and other scenic spots on the shore.

Fenghuang Ancient Town

Fenghuang Ancient Town is a beautiful town near the mountain and by the water. It is famous for its natural beauty, unique wooden structure and colorful ethnic customs, especially Miao and Tujia. Generally speaking, Fenghuang Ancent Town is worth visiting all the year round. However, if you want to see the most beautiful ancient town, the spring and autumn seasons are recommended. The cool weather, clear sky, fewer people and rare rainfall in September will make your trip smoother.

The Silk Road(Xi’an- Lanzhou- Dunhuang- Urumqi)

In September, the temperature on the Silk Road drops significantly. Early autumn is a good season to visit Xinjiang and the Silk Road. The weather is warm/mild and sunny, with less rainfall. Xinjiang enjoys a rich harvest, including high-quality grapes, melons and other fruits.


Yunnan is a place suitable for travel all year round. Lugu Lake and Erhai Lake are favorable places to enjoy the lake scenery. In addition, you can also visit nearby villages to learn about local traditions and customs. Or you can step into the Lijiang Old Town or Dali Ancient Town, hike in Tiger Leaping Gorge and Niru Village to feel the nature. Tiger Leaping Gorge is famous for its ruggedness and majesty, and is very popular with enthusiastic hikers.

Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land is located in Red Land Town of Dongchuan District, about 40 kilometers southwest of Kunming City. The Red Land here spans hundreds of miles, which is the most typical, lumped and featured red land in Yunnan. Due to the warm and humid climate, the iron in the earth has been oxidized and deposit year after year. Every September to December, the bright red land with various crops, blue sky, white cloud and unpredictable light form the spectacular scenery hence the name “God’s Palette”.


Yuanyang is a county in southeastern Yunnan Province. It is famous for Hani rice terraces. The spectacular scenery seen from the beautiful terraces during the autumn harvest season is absolutely amazing. Terraces meander from the bottom of the valley to the top, like a huge chain or ribbon, winding around the outline of the hillside from a distance to form parallel and layered strips.

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China Festivals and Events by Month

In September, the main festivals and events in China include Mid-Autumn Festival, Qufu International Confucius Culture Festival, etc.

Travel Tips For China Travel in September

  • September is one of the best months in China. Compared with the peak summer vacation and the National Day in October, September is not so crowded, which means a better travel experience.
  • The first week of October, including October 1, is a week-long public holiday, so travel at the end of September may be quite expensive and difficult to book a ticket. Before you leave, carefully check your specific travel date to ensure that you will not fall into the October travel chaos.
  • The traditional Mid-Autumn Festival is usually in September, with a strong cultural atmosphere and crowds of Chinese tourists.
  • Cold and dry conditions in north China make September a good time to travel, especially in Beijing, but the end of the typhoon season means that the central or south parts of China can still be humid.
  • In most places, schools have resumed classes in September, thus reducing the crowd to a certain extent.