China Travel in November

China Travel in November will introduce the China weather in November, what to pack for China travel in November, best places to visit in November, festivals in November and travel tips. November is still the autumn in most parts of China, but for north China and high altitude areas, it is the beginning of winter. It can be an ideal time to travel in China after the tourist peak season and before the cold winter comes.

China Weather in November

The weather in November in China is changeable. Because China is a big country, you can find the weather is very different in every region. In late November, real cold temperatures begin to appear in north China, but there is still enough temperature for pleasant outdoor activities at the beginning of the month. The central and southern regions of China still have mild and comfortable temperatures, which are suitable for sightseeing and outdoor exploration.

China Weather in November By Region & What to Pack

Due to China’s vast territory, different regions have different weather. The following is the weather situation in major regions of China in November.

North China in November

  • Representative Cities: BeijingXianHarbinChangchunJinanShenyangTianjin
  • Weather Feature: In November, north China begins to enter winter, with a cool and clear weather. The weather in Beijing is very cool, and the temperature at night is usually above zero. The average temperature in November in Beijing is 0-10°C, with very little precipitation. Beijing and the mountains in the north, where the Great Wall is located, will welcome their first snowfall. Xi’an is slightly warmer than Beijing, with an average temperature of 4-13°C. Xi’an is still pleasant and sunny on most days of the month, good for traveling and shopping.
  • What to Pack: November is cold at night. Coat, long sleeve, trousers, gloves and hat are needed. You can also prepare a sweater for colder weather. 

East China in November

  • Representative Cities: ShanghaiHuangshanNanjingHangzhou
  • Weather Feature: East China is usually cool/warm during the daytimes and cooler at nights, and the temperature is much higher than freezing point. Cool and dry weather is very suitable for hiking. The average temperature in November in Shanghai is 9-17℃. The weather in autumn in Shanghai is usually pleasant, and there may be fog in the morning. But a cold snap may bring cold winds and bitter weather.
  • What to Pack: Jacket, light clothing and hat are fine to the weather. It is suggested to bring a warm coat for a drop in temperature. 

Central China in November

  • Representative Cities: WuhanChangshaNanchangZhangjiajie
  • Weather Feature: In November, the temperature along the Yangtze River drops obviously, but it is still relatively comfortable. The average low temperature is still above zero. The mountains around Zhangjiajie is relatively low in temperature.
  • What to Pack: It is cool and windy in central China, so it is recommended to wear a long sleeves, trousers and jacket, and prepare a warm coat. 

South China in November

  • Representative Cities: GuilinGuangzhouSanyaHong KongMacauShenzhen
  • Weather Feature: The temperature in south China is about 20℃ during the daytime. There will be some rain in November, so it won’t be too dry. The average temperature of Guilin in November is about 11-19°C. Hong Kong enjoys a mild weather, with little rainfall and plenty of sunshine. It is an ideal place for outdoor activities, sightseeing and shopping on the streets.
  • What to Pack: The weather in this area is changeable. The weather is usually warm, but sometimes it gets cold unexpectedly. You need to wear light clothing and prepare long sleeves, trousers and jacket.

West China in November

  • Representative Cities: ChengduKunmingLhasaChongqing
  • Weather Feature: In high altitude areas of west China, the temperature drops significantly, the weather becomes cold, and the ground begins to be covered with snow. There is usually no rainy day in November, and the mountain is cold and snowing. Rainfall also varies greatly. The average temperature in Lhasa is in the range of -3-15°C, and it is usually completely sunny in November. The average temperature in Urumqi is-8-0°C and Chengdu is 9-17°C. In Yunnan Province, Dali and Kunming are cool with occasional rainfall. However, the night in Lijiang is very cold and the temperature is just over zero.
  • What to Pack: Take winter clothes, such as sweaters and thermal underwear, and take a coat wherever you go. If you go to Tibet, put on more layers of clothes and wear sunglasses, pay attention to keeping warm. 

China Weather and Climate in November by Cities

Best Places to Visit in November

November in autumn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful months in China. Tourists can enjoy the red leaves on the Great Wall and stroll through the ancient towns in Yunnan. In addition, Guilin’s natural scenery, Hangzhou’s West Lake, Suzhou’s classical gardens and Fujian Tulou should not be missed.


November is a good time to visit the Great Wall and see the colorful autumn leaves on the mountain. In November after the peak tourist season, fewer crowd will visit the Forbidden City and other attractions in Beijing. The ancient red wall buildings and the golden leaves in parks and the suburbs of Beijing make the whole city more charming and elegant.

Badaling Great Wall

As one of the best tourist attractions in Beijing in November, Badaling Great Wall attracts many tourists, not only because of its magnificent structure, but also because of its sea of red leaves. When entering late autumn, most of the trees near Badaling Great Wall become crimson and golden, which is very spectacular.

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Autumn in Huangshan is colorful. The magnificent mountain is covered with red maple trees and dotted with golden fruits under white clouds and blue sky. November is the ideal season for climbing Yellow Mountain, because the weather is cool during the daytime, but the temperature is low at night. Remember to bring a warm coat. If you like outdoor activities, you can take a tent and stay overnight on the mountain, then wake up at about 4:30 in the morning to enjoy the wonderful sunrise. Besides the natural scenery of Huangshan, you can also be deeply impressed by the culture and ancient buildings of the folk villages near Huangshan, such as the famous Hongcun Ancient Village and Tunxi Ancient Street.


In November, Zhangjiajie becomes a romantic and poetic world shrouded in fog. The steep cliffs and the plants on the mountain are more beautiful. The mountains in Zhangjiajie are different from other mountains in China in that the mountains in Zhangjiajie are divided into small cliffs. In addition, you can also visit the Fenghuang Ancient Town nearby. Fenghuang Ancient Town is a beautiful town near the mountain and by the water. It is famous for its natural beauty, unique wooden structure and colorful ethnic customs, especially Miao and Tujia.


Jiuzhaigou’s different colors in the four seasons are really beautiful. Jiuzhaigou in autumn is magnificent and colorful. Under the bright blue sky, colorful plants are reflected on the crystal-clear lake. You can walk along the path through Jiuzhaigou’s dense forests. At the end of November, winter begins in Jiuzhaigou.


It is exciting to go hiking in the west of Sichuan province in autumn. It is one of the most popular hiking routes in China. Starting from Chengdu, it passes through Xinduqiao, Yading and Daocheng to reach Luding Bridge. This route can really explore the nature in southwest China. During the trip, you can see amazing autumn scenery and snow-covered mountains under the blue sky. Apart from Tibet, Tibetan culture is also a highlight in western Sichuan. You can also visit some ancient monasteries and Tibetan houses there.


November is a good time to visit Lijiang and Dali. You can not only enjoy the ancient buildings, but also enjoy some local snacks and explore the life of the local people. Bird watching in Kunming’s Dianchi Lake is also a good choice for bird lovers. In addition, you can also enjoy colorful leaves all over Yunnan, such as ginkgo leaves in Tengchong.

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Guilin is famous for its natural scenery and picturesque Li River. In November, apart from visiting such classic scenic spots as elephant trunk mountain, Yangshuo and Reed Flute Cave, Lijiang river cruise shouldn’t be missed. In addition, Haiyang Town has a large area of yellow ginkgo leaves, which can undoubtedly attract your attention.

Suzhou and Hangzhou

When it comes to the best tourist destinations in China in November, Suzhou and Hangzhou are definitely on the list. West Lake is the essence of Hangzhou. It is very pleasant to go boating on the lake and immerse yourself in the autumn scenery. Classical gardens, including the Humble Administrator’s Garden and the Lingering Garden, are a must for Suzhou. Exquisite layout, exquisite design, unique rockery and winding corridor form all kinds of classical gardens, making people feel like they are in Chinese painting. In addition, ancient water towns such as Wuzhen, Zhouzhuang and Tongli are also good places to appreciate traditional buildings in the south of the Yangtze River.

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Xiamen, as the largest city in Fujian Province, is a beautiful coastal city and one of the most suitable places for tourism in November in China. Gulangyu Island is a pearl in Xiamen. It features various styles of buildings, such as the former consulates of western countries and traditional buildings with Minnan characteristics. Another highlight that should not be missed is Fujian earth buildings. Fujian now has more than 23,000 earth buildings of more than 30 kinds, including round buildings, square buildings, pentagonal buildings, octagonal buildings and stilted buildings. In addition, Mount Wuyi is a bit cold in November, but it is worth enjoying the picturesque scenery on foot.

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China Festivals and Events by Month

In November, the main festivals and events in China include Lhabab Duchen Festival, Palden Lhamo Festival, China International Import Expo, etc. American holidays like Halloween and Thanksgivin are not recognized as local Chinese traditions.

Travel Tips For China Travel in November

  • The comfortable weather and sunshine in the south are very suitable for outdoor activities, sightseeing, traveling and shopping. November is the off-season for tourism in China, so tourists can benefit from the drop in prices.
  • You can also enjoy the amazing autumn scenery in many places. You can see the colors of autumn around the Great Wall, Huangshan Mountain and Yangtze River. Red, gold, yellow and brown create amazing scenery in November. In this dry season, the sky is usually clear. You’d better visit China before snow falls.
  • The biggest disadvantage of November is that if you plan to travel to north China, even Beijing, the later you enter north China in November, you will definitely experience some rather cold and winter-like weather. It may even be too cold to stay on top of the windy Great Wall for too long.
  • The best places to appreciate autumn leaves include Huangshan, Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhaigou and western Sichuan.