China Travel in August

China Travel in August will introduce the China weather in August, what to pack for China travel in August, best places to visit in August, festivals in July and travel tips. August in China is still in summer, but the heat is beginning to weaken slightly. Humidity is still high in all parts of the country, except northwest China and Tibet, where the weather is mild and pleasant. August is also one of the busiest months for Chinese tourism. This means that popular scenic spots such as Terra-cotta Warriors are packed with Chinese tour groups and families.

China Weather in August

Most parts of China are hot and wet in August, which is also one of the wettest months in China. July and August are the wettest months in Beijing, with some fairly heavy rains. It is absolutely hot and rainy in central and south China. Nanjing, Shanghai, Changsha, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other cities south of the Yangtze River have the highest temperatures. Sometimes, the temperature in these cities will rise to 40°C or highe. That is why the Chinese call them “stove cities”. August is the rainy season in most parts of China. Rainstorms, thunderstorms and floods may occur in central and south China. Coastal areas are sometimes hit by typhoons. Although most parts of China are hot and wet in August, there are exceptions. In arid areas of China, such as Tibet and the northwest China, you will experience hot daytimes and cool nights.

China Weather in August By Region & What to Pack

With a vast territory, China is featuring different weather conditions in different regions.

North China in August

  • Representative Cities: BeijingXianHarbinChangchunJinanShenyangTianjin
  • Weather Feature: The first half of this month is hotter than the second half. In inland cities, the temperature sometimes exceeds 38°C, but it is usually more comfortable at night. Beijing is hot and rainy in August. The average temperature is 20-30°C, with about 10 days of rainfall. Xi’an is actually a little hotter than Beijing. During the first three weeks of this month, the daytime temperature may reach 40°C. On sweltering days, you can visit some museums.
  • What to Pack: T-shirts, shorts and other summer clothes. Remember to bring rain gear pay attention to sun protection. 

East China in August

  • Representative Cities: ShanghaiHuangshanNanjingHangzhou
  • Weather Feature: In August, east China suffers the worst rainfall. Rainfall is related to typhoons and storms. The region is also often sweltering. The daytime temperature usually exceeds 30°C. The average temperature of Shanghai in August is 25-32°C.
  • What to Pack: Shorts, waterproof jacket, thin coat, light clothing. Remember to bring rain gear. 

Central China in August

  • Representative Cities: WuhanChangshaNanchangZhangjiajie
  • Weather Feature: July and August are the hottest months in the Yangtze River Basin, with heavy rainfall. High humidity makes Wuhan and Changsha the hottest “stove cities” in China. In hot weather, the mountains in Zhangjiajie are good places to go. The average temperature there is 25-33°C in August.
  • What to Pack: Shorts, T-shirt, summer clothes. Remember to bring rain gear and pay attention to sun protection. 

South China in August

  • Representative Cities: GuilinGuangzhouSanyaHong KongMacauShenzhen
  • Weather Feature: The rainfall in Guilin falls in August, which is a good month for outdoor activities. The temperature usually peaks in August. The average temperature of Guilin is 26-33°C. You can spend your time enjoying the cool air on a Lijiang River cruise. It is hot and rainy in Hong Kong. There are many downpours or tropical storms.
  • What to Pack: Shorts, T-shirt, summer clothing. Remember to bring rain gear and umbrella. 

West China in August

  • Representative Cities: ChengduKunmingLhasaChongqing
  • Weather Feature: The mountains and valleys in Yunnan and Sichuan have pleasant weather. The temperature is determined to some extent by height. Heavy rains hit Dali and Lijiang. Tibet has high altitude and low temperature. The average temperature range is 11-23°C in Lhasa, 22-30°C in Chengdu, 15-24°C in Lijiang. 
  • What to Pack: T-shirts, shirts, shorts/jeans are fine to wear. Remember to bring rain gear and pay attention to sun protection. If you go to Tibet, put on more layers of clothes, bring coat and sunglasses.

China Weather and Climate in August by Cities

Best Places to Visit in August

It is hot and usually rainy in August in China. The most popular tourist destinations this month are places with cool weather and beautiful scenery, such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gannan and Tibet. The coastal city of Qingdao is also one of the best tourist destinations in August, where tourists can enjoy sea bathing and participate in famous beer festivals.


Xinjiang is a good place to travel in August. Tourists can visit the ancient Silk Road and learn about the traditions and customs of the west region. Summer resorts in Xijiang include Tianchi Lake, Kanas Nature Reserve, Sayram Lake, Bayanbulak Grassland and Narat Grassland, where you can enjoy the charming natural scenery in a comfortable way. Xinjiang is a special minority region in China with different Muslim cultures. Many ethnic groups have made this region a melting pot in Central Asia. You can eat food from China to Turkish flavor. 


Except in high mountain areas, Tibet is mild and comfortable in August. Most Tibetan festivals are held this month. Summer, especially July and August, is the best time to experience and explore Tibetan culture. Every year in August, Tibetans hold two grand events, the Shoton Festival and the Horse Racing Festival. Besides these festivals, you will also hike in the natural scenery. Tibet has vast plains, beautiful lakes and lofty snow mountains, such as Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake and Mount Everest. However, in Tibet, August is the rainy season, so the top of the mountains is often covered by clouds.

Shoton Festival in Tibet

Shoton festival is one of the biggest Tibetan festivals of the year. Shoton festival falls on the last day of the 6th month of the Tibetan calendar and lasts at least 5 days. Shoton festival in 2019 takes place on August 30 to September 5. During the shoton festival, traditional buddhist exhibitions, Tibetan opera performances, Tibet thangka expo and other activities are held in Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery and other designated places.

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Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia is one of the best tourist destinations in China in August. There are endless grasslands, large lakes and simple Mongolian customs. Tourists can take beautiful photos on the grassland, ride horses and experience real grassland life. In addition, they can taste special delicacies on the grassland, such as roasted whole sheep and dairy products. If you are lucky enough, you may have the opportunity to participate in Nadam, which is the largest festival for nomadic people. During Nadam Festival, usually held in July or August. You can watch horse racing, archery and other sports with local people. You can also watch mongolian dances and listen to Mongolian music.

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is the largest lake in China, usually dark blue, located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. When you walk and ride bicycles in the towns around the lake, you can experience Tibetan culture and taste local food. It is warm in August. Some people will stop by the lake on their way to Tibet. 

Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain is a good summer resort in August. At the top of the mountain, you even need to wear a thick coat. The main highlight of Changbai Mountain is Tianchi Lake. The sky and white clouds are reflected on the lake. 16 peaks stand around the lake, just like fairyland.


Most first-time visitors to China do not know Guizhou, because it is far less famous than Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin and Shanghai. Guizhou is characterized by its ethnic culture and mountain scenery. If you are looking for a place with cool weather, especially a place without a large number of summer crowds, then you can consider the top 10 minority villages in Guizhou. In August, Guizhou is one of the most suitable places for tourism in China. In Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area, tourists can see the water flowing down from a cliff more than 70 meters high, hitting the rocks as loudly as thunder. Visit Qianhu Miao villages in Xijiang and experience the local customs.


The International Beer Festival opens on the second weekend of August every year, lasting 16 days. There are many interesting activities during the festival. Tourists can enjoy the world’s largest fireworks display, participate in multi-national art parades, watch the world’s leading air acrobatic performances, and enjoy the exciting lighting performances in the beer museum. More importantly, you can drink various kinds of beer.

The Silk Road (Xi’an- Lanzhou- Dunhuang- Urumqi)

If you want a lifetime adventure in summer, the Silk Road may be a good choice. Summer is the most comfortable weather in this area, with hot and dry deserts and warm/cool mountains. In pleasant weather, you can better appreciate historical sites, cultures and food of various peoples, as well as spectacular desert and mountain scenery.

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It is a good idea to take a boat tour of Lijiang River in August. You can enjoy the beautiful karst mountains and have a leisurely time. Alternatively, you can also choose bamboo rafting to get close to the water and enjoy the sunshine.

China Festivals and Events by Month

In August, the main festivals and events in China include Qingdao International Beer FestivalDouble Seventh DayThe Hungry Ghost Festival, Nagqu Horse Racing Festival, Ziyuan Water Lantern and Song Festival, etc. 

Travel Tips For China Travel in August

  • August is usually the peak of typhoon season in China, which lasts from May to December. Hong Kong and Guangdong are particularly vulnerable to strong storms. Even if you are not where the storm lands, the typhoon will bring heavy rain to the surrounding areas. Floods and traffic problems are expected.
  • In August, the average high temperature in all parts of China can reach 30-33°C, while the lowest temperature can reach 20°C.
  • China is hot and humid in August, with summer thunderstorms in late August and occasional typhoons in coastal areas. Therefore, you need to bring some quick-drying clothes, light shirts and pants, and comfortable and breathable shoes. In addition, you should also bring a sun hat, sunglasses and umbrella. Pay attention to sun protection and mosquito prevention.
  • The absence of a national holiday in China in August means that there are relatively fewer domestic tourists than in other months, so it is generally not too difficult to book hotels or restaurants.
  • Beijing and Xi’an are crowded in August, and hot scenic spots like the Forbidden City and Terra-cotta Warriors are usually packed with crowds. If you plan to travel to these two cities in August, you can flexibly arrange your itinerary and avoid big tour groups.
  • In addition to skyscrapers, Shanghai is also famous for its nearby water towns and traditional Chinese gardens. Water towns and gardens are the best choice for travelling August.
  • Zhangjiajie National Forest Park and Tianmen Mountain are good summer resorts in August. Mountain areas are usually cooler than cities because they are higher in elevation, with more vegetation.