Beacon Towers in Kumul

Why is Beacon Towers So Special?

Beacon Towers in Hami There are totally 51 beacon towers of Qing dynasty remained in Hami. In arid and torried areas, beacon towers are usually built by laying Sun-dried bricks, while in comparably humid areas like Barkol and Yiwu, they are mostly built by ramming earth. These beacon towers are about 4-10m high, and their plane is basically square or octagonal. Today they have become famous local scenic spots.

History of Beacon Towers

The earliest beacon fire in Hami was built in the Tang Dynasty. There are still 4 beacon fires in the Tang Dynasty. These are the beacon fire at Lakshmu in Hami’s Second Fort, the beacon fire at Xiamalak in Willow Spring, the beacon fire at Santang Lake in Balikan, and the beacon fire at Kutulshawna in the front mountain of Iwo. They are more than 1200 years old. However, most of the beacons preserved today were built in the Qing Dynasty. At present, the highest distribution density of beacon towers is along the line from Balikun County to Saljock in the west. There is one beacon every 2-3 kilometers. There are 13 beacon towers facing each other. The city is like a poem written by Cen Can: “The cold post is as far away as a dot, and the beacon towers look at each other”. It is a great spectacle of the Silk Road!

Main Attraction of Beacon Towers

Hami region still has 51 beacon towers of different times, which is the region with the most beacon towers and the best beacon towers in Xinjiang. Among them, Youshu Balikun County has the largest number of beacon fires, with a total of 29. Hami City and Yiwu County have 19 and 3 respectively. In the afterglow of the setting sun, Balikun Fengsui, which is connected in series, looks very simple and neat. It reproduces the glory of the ancient Silk Road.

Best Time to Travel Beacon Towers

Every autumn, that is, August and September, is the best time to visit Kumul.

At this time, the weather began to cool and the fruits began to mature. This is a very suitable time to travel. At this time, most scenic spots began to hang attractive gold. Let’s travel in the golden ocean. The natural scenery around Kumul is very beautiful. In our spare time, we take our family to Kumul to play, eat delicious fruits and enjoy different local conditions and customs. I believe this is a very beautiful moment and a very happy memory.

Useful Travel Tips

Admission Fee: free
recommended Hours: 1.5 h

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