Zhama Banquet in Hohhot

What is Zhama Banquet?

As the most ceremonious Palace Banquet of the ancient Mongolian people, Zhama Banquet is a form of entertainment integrating banquet, singing and dancing, games and competition.

Six Main Courses

The first: a variety of dairy products;
The second: roasted leg of lamb;
The third: roast the whole cow with the fragrance of red silk;
The fourth: dishes cooked with green and pollution-free mushrooms, yellow flowers, ferns, shallots and other mountain wild vegetables grown on the grassland;
The fifth: mainly local flavor fried cake, steamed dumplings with naked oats, etc;
The Sixth: golden tea made from yellow celery.

Mongolian Traditional Food

The Mongolian traditional food on the feast of the horse is divided into red food and white food. Milk skin, milk tofu, cheese, cream and other foods made from milk are called “chaganyi” in Mongolian, which means holy and pure food, i.e. white food; food made from meat such as cattle, sheep and camel is called “ulanid” in Mongolian, i.e. red food. This kind of appellation for food is very vivid, full of color and implication.


There are four kinds of drinks: milk tea, horse milk wine, wine and white wine. Milk tea and horse milk wine have a long history.

Tips on Zhama Banquet

There are two taboos on Zhama Banquet: the catering staff must cover their nose and mouth with beautiful veil or silk cloth to prevent their breath from touching the food. It is forbidden to trample on the threshold in the palace tent. Because they see stepping on the threshold as an ominous sign.

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