Whishtling Dune Bay in Hohhot

Where is Whishtling Dune Bay?

Whistling Dune Bay is located in Dalad Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 44 kilometers from the city of Baotou in the north and 55 kilometers from Dongsheng District of Ordos in the south.

Brief Introduction of Whishtling Dune Bay

Whistling Dune Bay is 110 meters high with a slope of 45 degrees where the huge crescent-shaped sand hills can create loud echoes. This is how Whistling Dune Bay has been named. Dunes stand side by side and stretch endlessly to the further skyline. It has been recognized as China’s first desert-style resort and is a 5A-level tourist destination approved by the China National Tourism Administration.

What to Do in Whishtling Dune Bay

  • Whistling Dune Bay is also the home of the world’s photographers. The grand opening of annual International Photography Week is held here in mid-July every year.
  • You can take train to the deep desert where you may come across a long camel caravan. You will pass by ancient Mongol tribes into Yuesha Island where you can experience the pleasure of art and sports, artistic gymnastics, aerobics, hip-hops, beach volleyball, etc.
  • If you go to Xiansha Island, you’ll see an entirely different world of Zhang Guolao’s stories. Here you’ll experience more challenging games and activities such as desert adventure, aerial cableway, surfing, swing, track bike and even children’s games. High-wire, universal driving, fire playing, as well as “Desert Acrobatics World” ……these performances are truly thrilling.
  • Sand Dune Resort faces the other islands across Han Tai River. On its opposite bank is the vast sea of sand where you can do some water yoga, water aerobics or swimming competition.
  • Living in a Mongolian tent, eating mutton by hand, tasting fresh milk and Ordos wine, they can also appreciate Ordos songs and dances and a unique Ordos wedding performance performed by the Xiangshawan Artistic Troupe.

Useful Travel Tips


The Lotus hotel on Liansha Island is the only one of a kind in the world which is built not of bricks, tiles, sand, stones, cement and steel. It is a unique green and environment-friendly infrastructure.

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