Hohhot Administrative Divisions

The administrative division form of Hohhot is Municipality, which is one of the four administrative divisional forms at the second level of China local administrative division system. Municipality is also referred to as a prefecture level city (地级市). Most of Chinese big cities belong to this variety. Thus it's normal to see a large City (a Municipality) have jurisdiction over some small cities in China.

The administrative area includes 4 counties, 4 districts, and a county-level banner; they are further divided into 20 urban sub-districts, and 96 townships.

Urban Subdivisions of Hohhot City

S/N Full Name In Chinese In Pinyin Division type Area(sq.km) Population
1 Saihan District 赛罕区 Saihan Qu District 1002.9 635,599
2 Yuquan District 玉泉区 Yuquan Qu District 207.2 383,365
3 Huimin District 回民区 Huimin Qu District 194.4 394,555
4 Xincheng District 新城区 Xincheng Qu District 660.6 567,255

Subdivisions Under the jurisdiction of Hohhot Municipality The components of greater Hohhot Municipality

S/N Full Name In Chinese In Pinyin Division type Area(sq.km) Population
1 Wuchuan County 武川县 Wuchuan Xian County 4682.3 108,726
2 Qingshuihe County 清水河县 Qingshuihe Xian County 2859 93,887
3 Horinger County 和林格尔县 Helinge′er Xian County 3447.8 169,856
4 Togtoh County 托克托县 Tuoketuo Xian County 1407.8 200,840
5 Tumed Left Banner 土默特左旗 Tumote Zuo Qi Banner 2765 312,532

More Detailed Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions Area(Sq.km) Population Seat of Government Areas under the Jurisdiction
Xincheng District 新城区 660.6 567,255 Chengjisihan Street Subdistrict 成吉思汗大街街道  Hailar East Road Subdistrict (海拉尔东路街道), Xilin Road Subdistrict (锡林路街道), Zhongshan East Road Subdistrict (中山东路街道), East Street Subdistrict (东街街道), West Street Subdistrict (西街街道), Dongfeng Road Subdistrict (东风路街道), Yingxin Road Subdistrict (迎新路街道), Chengjisihan Street Subdistrict (成吉思汗大街街道), Baoheshao Town (保合少镇)
Saihan District 赛罕区 1002.9 635,599 No. 166, Wuzhaoda Road     昭乌达路166号 Renmin Road Subdistrict (人民路街道), Daxuexilu Subdistrict (大学西路街道), Wulanchabu Road Subdistrict (乌兰察布路街道), Daxuedonglu Subdistrict (大学东路街道), Zhongzhuanlu Road Subdistrict (中专路街道), Qiaobao Town (巧报镇), Yulin Town(榆林镇), Bayan Town (巴彦镇), Huangheshao Town (黄合少镇), Jinhe Town (金河镇), Taipingzhuang Town (太平庄乡), Xibashan Town (西把栅乡)
Huimin District 回民区 194.4 394,555 No. 49, Xihuan West Street 新华西街49号 Xihuan West Street Subdistrict (新华西路街道), Zhongshan West Road Subdistrict (中山西路街道),  Guangming Road Subdistrict (光明路街道), Hailar West Road Subdistrict (海拉尔西路街道), Tongdao Street Subdistrict (通道街街道), Gangtie Road Subdistrict (钢铁路街道), Youyouban Town (攸攸板镇)
Yuquan District 玉泉区 207.2 383,365  No. 19, Zhaojun Road             昭君路19号 Danan Street Subdistrict (大南街街道), Changhelang Subdistrict (长和廊街道), Xiaozhao Front Street Subdistrict (小召前街街道), Xinglong Lane Subdistrict (兴隆巷街道), Shiyangqiao East Road Subdistrict (石羊桥东路街道), E'erduosi Road Subdistrict (鄂尔多斯路街道), Xicaiyuan Subdistrict (西菜园街道), Zhaojun Road Subdistrict (昭君路街道), Xiaoheihe Town (小黑河镇)
Wuchuan County  武川县 4682.3 108,726 Kekeyiligeng Town            可可以力更镇 Hale Town (哈乐镇), Shangtuhai Town (上秃亥乡), Erfenzi Town (二份子乡), Xiwulanbulang Town (西乌兰不浪镇), Haolaishan Town (耗赖山乡), Daqingshan Town (大青山乡), Halaheshao Town (哈拉合少乡), Deshenggou Town (德胜沟乡), Kezhen Town (可镇)
Togtoh County  托克托县 1407.8 200,840 Shuanghe Town              双河镇 Shuanghe Town (双河镇), Xinyingzi Town (新营子镇), Wushen Town (五申镇), Zhongtan Town (中滩乡), Yanshanying Town (燕山营乡), Wushijia Town (伍什家乡), Yongshengyu Town (永圣域乡), Gucheng Town (古城乡), Naizhigai Town (乃只盖乡)
Qingshuihe County               清水河县 2859 93,887 Chengguan Town              城关镇 Honghe Town (宏河镇), Lamawan Town (喇嘛湾镇), Chengguan Town (城关镇), Yougou Town (窑沟乡), Beibao Town (北堡乡), Dantaizi Town (单台子乡), Wuliangtai Town (五良太乡), Jiucaizhuang Town (韭菜庄乡)
Horinger County           和林格尔县 3447.8 169,856  Xinmin Street, Chengguan Town             城关镇新民街 Yangqungou Town (羊群沟乡), Heilaoyao Town (黑老夭乡), Dahongcheng Town (大红城乡), Shebiya Town (舍必崖乡), Chengguan Town (城关镇), Shengle Town (盛乐镇), Xindianzi Town (新店子镇), Qiaoshiying Town (巧什营镇), Horinger Economic Development Zone (和林格尔经济开发区), Shengle Modern Service Industry Cluster District (盛乐现代服务业集聚区), Stone Industrial Park (石材园区), Modern Logistic Park (现代物流园区)
Tumed Left Banner               土默特左旗 2765 312,532 Chasuqi Town             察素齐镇 Chasuqi Town (察素齐镇), Bikeqi Town (毕克齐镇), Shandai Town (善岱镇), Bashi Town (把什乡), Cilao Town (此老乡), Sha'erqin Town (沙尔沁乡), Sha'erying Town (沙尔营乡), Baimiaozi Town (白庙子乡), Tabusai Town (塔布赛乡), Sanliang Town (三两乡), Beishizhou Town (北什轴乡), Jijiliang Town (枳芨梁乡), Taigemu Town (台阁牧乡), Tiemao Town (铁帽乡), Hasu Town (哈素乡), Dadai Town (大岱乡), Qingshan Town (青山乡), Bingzhouhai Town (兵州亥乡), Taosihao Town (陶思浩乡)

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