Hohhot Attractions

Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is usually the gateway city and the first stop of Inner Mongolia. Hohhot tours are usually related to other top destinations in Inner Mongolia, like Baotou, Hulunbuir, Ordos, Xilingol, as well as other provinces like Shanxi province. Known for its historical abundance, Hohhot is endowed with famous historical relics and exotic boundary ethnic culture. Tourists coming to Hohhot can visit historical and cultural sites such as Zhaojun Tomb(昭君墓), Five Pagodas  Temple (五塔寺), Dazhao Temple(大召寺), Xilituzhao Monastery(席力图召寺), and Dayao Cultural Relics(大窑文化遗址), Inner Mongolia Museum, Mongolia Museum of History and Culture, these ancient relics with cultural abundance cater to those who are interested in history and old culture. Besides, tourists can also enjoy the grassland tours to Xilamuren Grassland(希拉穆仁草原), Huitengxile Grassland(辉腾锡勒) and Gegentala Grassland(格根塔拉草原), and experience the prairie cultures like horse-riding, wrestling and taste their food,which can be explored in depth if tourists travel in festival times such as Nadam Fair(那达慕大会) and Zhama Banquet (诈马宴).The followings are the top must-see attractions in Hohhot that attract thousands of tourists every year.