Shuzheng Valley in Jiuzhaigou

Where is Shuzheng Valley?

The Shuzheng Valley is the northern branch of Jiuzhaigou. It ends after 14.5 km at the Y-shaped intersection of the three gullies. It is about 14 kilometers in length with over 40 lakes. 

Main Attractions of Shuzheng Valley

The major scenic spots of Shuzheng Valley are Double-Dragon Lake, Bonsai Beach, Reed Lake, Spark Lake, Tiger Lake, Shuzheng Waterfall, Rhinoceros Lake, and Nuorilang Waterfall, etc.

  • Nuorilang Falls, near the junction of the valleys, are 20 m high and 320 m wide. They are reportedly the widest highland waterfall in China, the widest travertine-topped waterfall in the world, and one of the symbols of Jiuzhaigou. Nuorilang Pabu means “waterfall” and nuorilang is Tibetan for “grand and magnificent”, lies just north of the confluence of the Zechawa River and the Peacock River of Rize Valley, where these two rivers feed into the Shuzheng River, meaning that it lies just north of the fork in the Jiuzhai Valley’s main tri-valley system.
  • Xiniu Hai is the cluster lake closest to Nuorilang Waterfall. It is the largest of Shuzheng Valley’s lakes, and is possibly its most beautiful, partly because the lake, surrounded by steep valley walls on either side, reflects the valley walls and the skies above in such an uncanny way that it can be a bit disorienting to view, since one is never quite sure which image is the real one and which is the reflected one.
  • Nuorilang Lakes and Shuzheng Lakes are stepped series of respectively 18 and 19 ribbon lakes formed by the passage of glaciers, then naturally dammed. Some of them have their own folkloric names, such as the Rhinoceros, Unknown, and Tiger lakes.

How to Get to Shuzheng Valley?

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Chengdu Xinnanmen Station has buses to Jiuzhaigou scenic spot at 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00 and 8:10 every day;

Chengdu Chazidian Bus Station has three direct flights to Jiuzhaigou scenic spot before 8:40 every day.

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