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Jiuzhaigou Shopping Guide provides you the detailed information about Jiuzhaigou local specialties, featured shopping areas, What to Buy in Jiuzhaigou, Where to Buy in Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou Local Products, Jiuzhaigou Souvenirs, etc. While you are marveling at the fascinating beauty of this fairyland, do you want to bring some special souvenirs back? Jiuzhaigou is a kingdom of plant. Situate in highland and surrounded by primeval forest, Jiuzhaigou abounds in Chinese herbs,fruits and wild fungus, such as the bulb of fritillary, cordyceps sinensis, musk, apple, morels, etc. What’s more, the local Tibetan and Qiang people are good at handwork featuring ethnic culture and custom. Qiang embroidery, Tibetan knives, Thangka are popular among tourists. Yak meat is also a local specialty worth purchasing.

What to Buy

Qiang Embroidery

Qiang embroideries are particular nice choices. Ingrained from ancient history and culture, Qiang’s folk art shows rich content in a simple form. The most typical “Yunyun shoes” are made of cloth and shaped like a boat with thick soles. Cloudlike patterns are embroidered on the uppers of the shoes, very sturdy.

Maowen Apples

This kind of apples are rich in nutrition and provided with the function of Adjuvant therapy. Its disease prevention index and vitality index both are relatively high, meaning good for health.

Chinese Herbs

Musk is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine, which is the secretion of the glands between the belly button and the genitals. After being dried, it is granulated or lumpy, with special aroma and bitter taste. It can be made into spices and can be used as medicine.

Fritillary is a perennial herbaceous plant, whose bulbs can be used for medicine, working for heat-clearing,cough-relieving and sputum-reducing. According to origin and varietal, it can be divided into three categories: bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae, thunberg Fritillary Bulb and rhizoma bolbostemmae.

Yak Meat

Yak meat is the best beef easy to carry, with good taste and long shelf life. It is also the hot products for shopping in Jiuzhaigou, which can be bought in many shops near Jiuzhaigou. The price of yak meat is very expensive, ranging from 150-300RMB per kilo. It is very wise to sample before you buy it.

Tibetan Handicrafts

Tibetan handicrafts are of exquisite workmanship and rich in variety. Small handicrafts with ethnic characteristics are suitable for giving friends as a present or bringing home. However, it is not recommended to buy a Tibetan knife for its sharp blade that is easy to hurt others. Beside, it maybe difficult to be checked by air.


Morels are the most famous and edible fungi in the ascomycetes, which are beneficial to intestines and stomach, as well as the dispelling phlegm and regulating vital energy. In Jiuzhaigou county, most morels are half-artificially cultivated in the transitional area between coniferous forest and alpine grasslands, in high elevations above 3000 meters. The name comes from the shape of sheep tripes.


There are many jewelry with strong Tibetan characteristics here, such as jade, crystal and turquoise, emerald, coral, etc. There are also many silver products sold in Jiuzhaigou scenic area including Tibetan silver ornaments and religious silver products, as well as silver products for ordinary daily necessities. The golden and fine gold ornaments, with Jiuzhaigou regional characteristics, have become one of the highlights of Jiuzhaigou's specialties and are also the best hand-held gifts for relatives and friends. However, there are many fake goods, so it is necessary to have certain identification ability and do not purchase them easily.

Where to Buy

Almost all the tourist souvenirs full of ethnic characteristics could be brought in the tourist centers and adjacent Pengfeng village, Bianbian street, etc.

Jiuzhaigou Bianbian Street

With a total length of 2.2 kilometers, Bianbian street is a riverside street full of strong Tibetan customs with traditional Tibetan architectural style. It is about 1km far away from Jiuzhagou entrance. There are many little chophouses, boutique, and pubs standing at the both sides of the street. Wandering along the street, visitors could enjoy their cozy time with endless delight.

Pengfeng Village

As the nearest Tibetan village, Pengfeng Village is located at the entrance of Jiuzhaigou. It is almost the most prosperous blocks in the Jiuzhaigou, with stores, restaurants, hotels on both sides of the street, from where you can buy your favorite souvenirs with strong ethnic characteristics.

Nuorilang Tourists Center

Located in the center of Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot, this comprehensive service center is both for tourists-service and handicrafts & souvenir. There are a variety of stylistic and traditional folk items such as Tangka, Qiang embroidery, Tibetan-Qiang silver and gold articles,yak meat, etc.

Jiuzhaigou Gully Market

Located at the entrance of Jiuzhaigou, it is the only place that you must go through to buy tickets or enter into the scenic spot. Jiuzhaigou Gully Market has a wide variety of stalls selling some small Tibetan articles, yak horn combs, folk craftworks and so on.

Zachawa Village

Zachawa village is one of the nine villages in Jiuzhaigou. It is also one of the three existing villages in Jiuzhaigou. It is also the only Tibetan village in Jiuzhaigou that can be visited. In fact, this stockade is just like a shopping mall, selling Tibetan Silver and some plateau food.

Goukou Flower Car Promenade(沟口花车长廊)

This is a relatively concentrated tourist commodity market, which is divided into the upper and lower flower car promenade, which are respectively located at the entrance of Jiuzhaigou. It is the only place for tourists to enter the valley and also a cheap tourist commodity distribution center. The commodities here are mainly the common Tibetan decorative trinkets, yak horn combs, national handicrafts, etc. There is also a night market and it is said that the price will be lower at night. 

Edited by Hellen He/何琴

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