Jiuzhaigou Administrative Divisions

Jiuzhaigou Administrative Division gives you a detailed information about Administrative Maps of Jiuzhaigou County, Places to Visit in Jiuzhaigou County, Travel to Jiuzhaigou County and explore the interesting Regions, Areas, Towns and Villages. As of 2018, Jiuzhaigou has 3 towns and 14 townships under its jurisdiction, with another pasture and a management bureau. Jiuzhaigou County People's government is located in Binhe Road, Yongle Town. 

  • 2 Towns: Nanping Town(南坪镇), Zhangzha Town(漳扎镇)
  • 13 Townships: Yonghe(永和乡), Baihe(白河乡), Lingjiang(陵江乡), Heihe(黑河乡), Yuwa(玉瓦乡), Dalu(大录乡), Shuanghe(双河乡), Baohua(保华乡), Luoyi(罗依乡), Wujiao(勿角乡), Majia(马家乡), Guoyuan(郭元乡), Caodi(草地乡)

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