Jiuzhaigou Dining

Jiuzhaigou Dining introduces Jiuzhaigou Food and Restaurants including Jiuzhaigou Cuisine, Restaurants in Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou Snacks, What to Eat in Jiuzhaigou, Where to Eat in Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou Food Street. Located in the Tibetan and Qiang autonomous region, Jiuzhaigou owns its food style related to the two ethnic groups. For the dining, the two ethnic groups have different cultures. The Tibetan mainly takes smoked and barbecued meat, accompanied by barley wine, butter tea, yoghurt and other drinks. While the Qiang people likes sour and spicy meat dishes and animal offal.

What to Eat in Jiuzhaigou

The main featured flavor are lamb roast, hand-grab steak, dried beef, etc. Other specialties include yam tsamba, Jiuzhai persimmon, buckwheat flour cake, and pickled cabbage noodles. Jiuzhaigou has many special drinks and the vitamin that local food lacks is supplemented by elegant tea. Below are brief introduction to some local food, snacks and drinks.

Yak Meat

Yak meat is one of the typical Tibetan dishes with various cooking methods. It can be cold and dressed with sauce, rinsed in hot pot, barbecued or stir-fried. When you come to the Tibetan area, do not miss the delicious yak meat.

Potato Cake

Potato Cake is the most featured food in Jiuzhan Valley. Being heavily pounded into viscous pastry in a barrel after being steamed, the potatoes are made into cakes, boiled in the pot and then served with pickled cabbage and red pepper.

Barley Wine

Known as "Tibetan beer", barley wine is yellowish with acid and sweet, which is an indispensable beverage in the life of Tibetan people, as well as a good drink to celebrate festivals and treat friends.


Tsamba is the staple food for Tibetan locals in Aba. Tibetans, whatever work in the land, graze on the mountain, or go on a journey, they will take tsamba as a ready-made food with them. When eating, take bits of butter and serve with the tea.

Butter Tea

In Tibetan’s home, the butter teapot is being simmered on the Huotang (a kind of Chinese fireplace) from morning till night, and you can drink fragrant and hot butter tea at any time. Butter tea is rich in nutrition, delicious and refreshing, and it is popular among Tibetan people.Yak butter tea has been dubbed as the "Tibetan national beverage”.

Cheese Momo

cheese momo is a famous Tibetan snack which is made from the milk residue, namely the residue left after the extracting of butter. The fresh milk residue is sour and white that can be take as stuffing of bun.


Boil the milk, pour it into a wooden barrel, add a small amount of old yogurt as the starter, and control the temperature between 30 -40℃, then the yogurt is made. Yogurt looks like tender tofu and has an aromatic smell, sweet and sour.

Buckwheat Food

Buckwheat can be ground into flour to make many delicious foods, such as buckwheat steamed bread and buckwheat noodles. A bowl of beef and buckwheat noodles with side dishes is simple but has a genuine Tibetan flavor.

Pickled Noodles

Noodles with pickled vegetables is a traditional Tibetan food with strong characteristics. When making, first add pickles, then add local smoked bacon or fresh yak meat, then add potatoes, noodles, salt, onion. etc.

Blood Sausages

Blood sausages are the best food in Tibetan recipes. It's the honor of the guests to be treated with blood sausage. Blood sausage is made of casings, blood juice, spices and yak meat (or pork). It is nutritious and delicious.

If you're not going to have dinner, try some local snacks both Tibetan style and Sichuan style. You are also recommended to bring some dry food and enjoy the picnic at any time during your visit, especially during the peak season.

Where to Eat in Jiuzhaigou

Restaurants inside Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area

  • Tourist service center of Nuorilang诺日朗中心餐厅
    Add: 300 meters up Nuorilang waterfalls
    Tel: 0837-7738889
    It offers various grades of buffet dinners, 60RMB/person.
  • Restaurant owned by Hotels
    Some starred hotels supply various kinds of good food both Chinese and Western food, as well as authentic Tibetan specialties. You can have meals in a comfortable atmosphere.

Restaurants outside the Jiuzhaigou Valley

Most tourists to Jiuzhaigou choose to eat at the entrance of the valley, i.e. outside the scenic spot, for example, Pengfeng village, Bianbian street, Zhangzha town and other places where there are more restaurants and mainly runs Sichuan cuisine. Tibetan specialty is mainly served inside the villages(mainly Shuzheng village), while the restaurants outside the valley mainly runs Sichuan cuisine, as well as some Muslim food. In the evening, there will be some barbecue stalls on the side of the road.

  • Ganyuan Restaurant(乾源饭店)
    Add: No.4, Building 2, Bianbian Street边边街2栋4号
    Tel: 13320675283;13320675213
  • Chunayu Family Restaurant(川渝人家川菜馆)
    Add: Bianbian Street边边街
    Tel: 18227361122
  • Manjianghong Gourmet Restaurant(满江红美食坊)
    Add: Beside the banquet dance of the king of Tibet, 100 meter away from the mouth of Jiuzhaigou Valley
    Tel: 13795797172
  • Zhi Wei Lai(知味来)
    Add: Zhangzha Town九寨沟县漳扎镇
    Tel: /
  • Jiuli Xiang(九里香)
    Add: First floor of Yinfeng Hotel, Huodiba, Jiuzhaigou county
    Tel: 15283720678
  • Chongqing Douhua Fish Restaurant(重庆豆花鱼庄)
    Add: Pengfeng Village, Jiuzhaigou county
    Tel: 0837-7764138
  • Water Restaurant(水上餐厅)
    Add: At the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area九寨沟景区口
    Tel: 0837-7739066

Popular Snack Bars outside Jiuzhaigou Valley

If you don't plan to have dinner, try some local snacks. We recommend several well-received snack bars outside Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, so that you can not only taste Sichuan-style noodles, but also enjoy Tibetan cuisine, such as yogurt, highland barley wine, etc., and enjoy Tibetan and Qiang flavor.

  • Xiaobu Snack小布小吃
    Add: No. 1-5, Building 3, Bianbian Street, Jiuzhaigou County九寨沟县边边街3栋1-5号
    Tel: 13558898582
  • Yongle Snack(永乐小吃)
    Add: Bianbian Street, Jiuzhaigou County九寨沟县边边街
    Tel: /
  • Mianyang Kaiyuan Rice Noodles(绵阳开元米粉)
    Add: Pengfeng Village, Jiuzhaigou county
    Tel: /
  • Jiuzhai Coarse Grain九寨粗粮
    Add: Near the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area九寨沟沟口附近
    Tel: /

Tibetan Restaurants

  • Abu Dizi Tibetan Restaurant(阿布氇孜藏餐厅)
    Add: Pengfeng Village, Jiuzhaigou county
    Tel: 08377736811
  • Tibetan People(藏家人)
    Add: Near the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area九寨沟沟口附近
    Tel: /
  • Gesar Palace Tibetan Meal(格萨尔宫廷藏餐)
    Add: Floor 5-6, Fantasy Jiuzhai, Zhangza Town漳扎镇梦幻九寨5-6楼
    Tel: 15183703939
  • Alibaba Tibetan Food Barbecue(阿里巴巴藏餐烧烤)
    Add: Opposite to Gesang Hotel, provincial road 301, Jiuzhaigou County九寨沟县301省道格桑宾馆正对面
    Tel: 18011263262

More Restaurants in Jiuzhaigou.

Most of Jiuzhaigou supplies are carried from nearby towns and villages, so the price of food is relatively high due to the inconvenience of transportation. You can also have meals on the way to Jiuzhaigou in Mao county, Songpan county and other places. Below are some recommended restaurants and snack bars for your choice.

Edited by Hellen He/何琴

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