Shanghai Entertainment and Nightlife

Shanghai Entertainment and Nightlife goes well beyond daytime activity. Shanghai is also a city that never sleeps in the evening.  At night when people come out to play, the city’s clubs and bars are its heartbeat, positively pulsating with energy and buzzing with excitement. Full of bustle, commerce, innovation and rocketing skyscrapers, Shanghai also has a thriving cultural scene. A trip to the city’s many landmarks and historical sites can offer a glimpse into both its past and future. The nightlife in Shanghai will always make you want to stay in Shanghai.

Night Markets and Theme Bars

Nights Markets


Where does nightlife in Shanghai start? Of course, it is a bar or nightclub. Whether you are going on a date or going to the leisure, you can choose a bar or nightclub to experience the flourishing of Shanghai.The bars are a unique landscape in Shanghai. The bars of different sizes and styles are everywhere in Shanghai. Just like the stars floating in the night sky, it makes the midnight Shanghai be extremely enchanting.

Campus Bar

These bars are mainly located in Wujiaochang in the northeast of Shanghai, adjacent to Fudan University, Tongji University and other universities. The biggest feature of this type of bars is the avant-garde, avant-garde layout, avant-garde music, and avant-garde topics. Exaggerated wall paintings, ingenious prefaces are mostly written by customers according to their thoughts. The rock music is only played without popular music and soft music. 

The Recommended Bars:

  • Hardrock(硬石)
    Add: No. 315 Zhengtong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区政通路315号)
    Tel: 021-65112380
  • Black Box(黑匣子)
    Add: No. 2009 Huangxing Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区黄兴路2009号)
    Tel: 021-55129008

Music Bar

These bars are mainly emphasized on the atmosphere and music effects with the professional-grade audio equipment and the latest music CD. Sometimes, there are band performances in these bars. Soft lamplight, soft wall decorations and soft music attract many music lovers who pay attention to the taste.

The Recommended Bars:

  • CJW Jazz Bar(CJW爵士酒吧)
    Add: Unit 4 of No. 2 Xintiandi Nanli, No. 123 Lane, Xingye Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai(上海市黄浦区兴业路123弄新天地南里2号4单元)
    Tel: 021-63856677/021-63852277
  • Cotton Club(棉花俱乐部)
    Add: No. 1428 Middle Huaihai Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai(上海市徐汇区淮海中路1428号)
    Tel: 021-64377110

Commercial Bar

These bars are emphasized on the atmosphere of the western bar-warm, casual and enjoying, which are mainly concentrated in large hotels and commercial markets. The expenses of the high-end commercial bars such as No. 3 Bund, Jiuchongtian are expensive. Xintiandi, Hengshan Road, South Maoming Road, Huaihai Road and Fuxing Park are the most concentrated areas of Shanghai commercial bars.

The Recommended Bars:

  • (M-BOX)
    Add: No. 1 Baoqing Road, Xuhui Road, Shanghai(上海市徐汇区宝庆路1号)
    Tel: 021-64451777 

Hottest Bar Streets in Shanghai

The most famous bar streets in Shanghai are Hengshan Road, South Maoming Road, Julu Road and Tongren Road.

Hengshan Road

Hengshan Road is the largest bar street in Shanghai. Hengshan Road in Shanghai, such as Sanlitun in Beijing, is gradually declining, or is still a glamorous city business card, shining in the most romantic streets of the city, beating and flowing in the blood vessels of urban culture. One end of Hengshan Road is connected to the bustling Xujiahui, where a large number of young foreign-company white-collar workers are gathered here. The other end of Hengshan Road is adjacent to the embassy district and the high-end residential area where is home to a large number of expatriate staff. Of course, because it is close to the foreign consulate area, it is an exotic place and business is booming. Hengshan Road has become the first place to open the Shanghai bar atmosphere, and has a unique position in Shanghai nightlife.

South Maoming Road

The excitement of Shanghai is mostly in her night when the evening lights are lit. The most active members of the city come out from their respective office and merge into the tide of the street and they disappear without a trace. Therefore, South Maoming Road, which is just less than a kilometer north of Yongjia Road, belongs to the beauty of Shanghai night. Compared with Hengshan Road, this bar street is actually less than a mile. In this area originally belonging to the French Concession, there is still a romantic atmosphere from France…

Julu Road

There is less fake dignity and more real humanity for the same nightlife in Shanghai in Julu Road. As long as you have the courage to let yourself completely relax and say some simple English, Julu Road is the most suitable place to go. Julu Road is the best place where gives you different experience.

Fuxing Park

There are not many bars here, but they all have distinct characteristics. Muse at Park97 has almost become the default destination for Shanghai’s weekend nightlife. 

Tongren Road

Tongren Road is adjacent to the office buildings such as Shanghai Mall and Portman Hotel. The entire Tongren Road is filled with the style of European Bar Street. The most dense place in Tongren Road Bar is the area near Yan’an Road. At first glance, the bar is really difficult to choose. The bars here also have a special feature of offering a variety of food and beverages. The Western-style dining has faded the night’s charming, and the Tongren Road Bar Street is quiet and simple.

Shows and Performances in Shanghai

Acrobatic Show in Shanghai

No visit to China would be complete without seeing a Chinese Acrobatic show. You will be surprised by an amazing and fantastic acrobatic show which featured extraordinary tumbling acts, unbelievable strength and flexibility feats, and spectacular balancing acts. Definitely a must-see and do activity when visiting Shanghai.

Best Places to Listen to Pingtan

Pingtan(storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou Dialect) was once the second largest entertainment project in Shanghai after the film. Suzhou Pingtan has been widely spread in Shanghai and has a history of more than 100 years. Although the Pingtan is not a popular entertainment activity in the metropolis, there are still many fans who have eyes only for Pingtan. Therefore, there are still many story-telling houses in Shanghai. In the yellowed memory, under the vermilion stage, there are full of gentle men, ladies, Misses,aunts and friends.

  • Luyi Storytelling House(鲁艺书场)
    Add: Next to the Lu Xun Memorial Hall, Shanyin Road, Hongkong District, Shanghai (上海市虹口区山阴路鲁迅纪念馆旁)
    Tel: 021-65407698
  • Wuding Storytelling House(武定书场)
    Add: No. 85 East Kangding Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区康定东路85号)
    Tel: 021-52139880
  • Changyi Storytelling House(长艺书场)
    Add: Floor 3 of Changning Culture and Art Center, No. 650 Xianxia Road, Shanghai(上海市仙霞路650号长宁文化艺术中心三楼)
  • Qingpu Culture Storytelling House(青浦文化书场)
    Add: Qingpu Senior Citizen Activity Center, No. 296 North Chengzhong Road, Qingpu Road, Shanghai(上海市青浦区城中北路296号青浦老年活动中心)
    Tel: 021-64530171
  • Meiwen Academy(梅文书苑)
    Add: Floor 2 of Cultural Center, No. 415 Meilong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai(上海市徐汇区梅陇路415号文化馆二楼)
    Tel: 021-64530171

Best Places to Taste Tea in Shanghai

Unlike traditional Chinese tea houses, Shanghai’s tea houses are always more modern and warmer, which conform to the tastes of young people. Especially the candles on the table and gentle music, as well as the romantic swing chair, are more attractive than the fast food culture of KFC and McDonald’s. The consumption of tea houses is much cheaper than bars and western restaurants. The types of beverages include the most classic bubble black tea, milky tea of ​​various flavors that can be refilled infinitely. The containers are not the same, very elegant and interesting.

Huangpu District

Huangpu District is the oldest urban area in Shanghai. In this area, there are the oldest existing tea houses in Shanghai, and there are also tea houses with the decoration styles between the ancient and modern. It is suitable for looking for a place to sit down, and slowly to taste the tea.

 The recommended Tea Houses:

  • Huxinting Tea House(湖心亭茶楼)
    Add: No. 235 Middle Fangbang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai(上海市黄浦区方浜中路235号)
    Tel: 021-63301237/021-58777797
  • Wang Yiji Tea House(汪怡记茶庄)
    Add: No. 449 East Yan’an Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai(上海市黄浦区延安东路449号)
    Tel: 021-63736950
  • Old Shanghai Tea House(老上海茶馆)
    Add: No. 385 Middle Fangbang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai(上海市黄浦区方浜中路385号)
    Tel: 021-53821202
  • Yaqu Tea House(雅趣茶道)
    Add: Room 117 of Floor 1, Shanghai No. 800 Art Area, No. 800 East Guoshun Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区国顺东路800号上海800艺术区1层117)
    Tel: 021-63677370

Xuhui District

The recommended Tea Houses:

  • Daketang Puer Club(大可堂普洱会所)
    Add: No. 25 of No. 388 Lane, South Xiangyang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai(上海市徐汇区襄阳南路388弄25号)
    Tel: 021-64718548
  • Song Fang Tea House(宋芳茶馆)
    Add: No. 227 Yongjia Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai(上海市徐汇区永嘉路227)
    Tel: 021-64338283

Putuo District

The recommended Tea Houses:

  • Youyuan Tea House(友缘茶人)
    Add: No. 565 Daduhe Road, Putuo District, Shanghai(上海市普陀区大渡河路565号)
    Tel: 021-52652126

Jing’an District

The recommended Tea Houses:
  • Qingfeng Family(清风人家)
    Add: No. 1109 Middle Yan’an Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区延安中路1109号)
    Tel: 021-62490077

Zhabei District

The recommended Tea Houses:
  • Songyuan Tea House(宋园茶艺馆)
    Add: Floor 1, No. 1667 Gonghe New Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区共和新路1667号一楼)
    Tel: 021-56334429/021-56335282
  • Deyuanju Art Salon(德缘居艺术沙龙)
    Add: No. 427 Jincheng Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai(上海市静安区晋城路427号)
    Tel: 021-56957767

Yangpu District

The recommended Tea Houses:
  • Yifeng Tea House(颐风茶道)
    Add: No. 558 Shagang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai(上海市杨浦区沙岗路558号)
    Tel: 021-65339202/021-65382800

Pudong New Area

The recommended Tea Houses:
  • Taihe Tea House(泰和茶室)
    Add: No. 1048 Pudong Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区浦东大道1048号)
    Tel: 021-68877880
  • Chashidi Tea House(茶识地)
    Add: Floor 1 of Yuanshen Sports Center, No. 1450 Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区张杨路1458号源深体育中心1楼)
    Tel: 021-58608881 
  • Yipin Tea House(颐品茶道)
    Add: No. 3399 Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai(上海市浦东新区张杨路3399号)
    Tel: 021-50350757

Water and Amusement Parks in Shanghai

  • Happy Valley in Shanghai
    Add: No. 888 Linhu Road(林湖路888号)
    Tel: 021-3355 2222
  • Jinjiang Action Par
    Add: No. 201 Hongmei Road
  • The Hello Kitty Theme Park
    Add: No. 819 East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
  • Shanghai Disneyland Park
    Add: No. 753 North Shendi Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
    Tel: (021)31580000

Popular Bourgeoisie Cafes in Shanghai

There are many kinds of fast-food cafes in Shanghai, such as Starbucks, costa, so it is very convenient to take the coffee out at any time. There are also a variety of bourgeois cafes that can be seen everywhere in the narrow lanes of local roads.

 The recommended Cafes:
  • Laomai Coffee Shop(老麦咖啡馆)
    Add: A of No. 25 Taojiang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai (上海市徐汇区桃江路25号甲)
    Tel: 021-64660753
  • Marienbad Cafe(马里昂巴咖啡馆()
    Add: No. 55 Wukang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai(上海市徐汇区武康路55号)
    Tel: 021-53089007
  • Xiaoxiao Garden(小小花园)
    Add: No. 220 Kangping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai(上海徐汇区康平路220号)
    Tel: 021-52582058
  • Vienna Cafe(维也纳街头Café风 )
    Add: No. 2 Lane, No. 25 Shaoxing Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai(上海市黄浦区绍兴路25弄2号)
    Tel: 021-64452131
  • Citizen Cafe
    Add: No. 222 Jinxian Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai(上海市黄浦区进贤路222号)
    Tel: 021-62581620

Huangpu River Cruise

The night of the Huangpu River is the most charming due to the iconic night view. Take a sightseeing cruise from the Bund to Lujiazui, and then visit the Bund International Architecture Expo Group, overlooking the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jin Mao Tower, World Financial Center. The cruise  passes through the river, the neon lights on both sides of the Huangpu River, slowly admire the characteristic buildings on both sides of Huangpu River, and feel the most unique night scenery in Shanghai. For the detailed information, refer to Huangpu River Night Cruise.

Visit Nanjing Road to Experience the Feeling of Old Shanghai

The Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is about 1,200 meters long. There are many shops on both sides. At first glance, the modern buildings are mixed with European-style old buildings. The vertical light boxes of the shops are continuous, especially the neon lights flashing under the night. Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is one of the most prosperous commercial streets in Shanghai. It has been already a gathering place for department stores as early as the beginning of the 20th century. It is also a paradise for food, a number of time-honored brand restaurants and food stores.

Stroll along Binjiang Avenue and Experience the Sea Breeze

Binjiang Avenue is located in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone. It is one of Shanghai’s most famous tourist attractions because of its view of the Bund International Architecture Expo Group and the Puxi scenery on the other side of the Bund. Compared with the crowds on the Bund, Binjiang Avenue has a quieter night. The buildings are crystal clear and colorful when the evening lights are lit.  There are also many facilities such as fountains, water curtain walls, open-air music plazas, and many places where new people take wedding photos.