Qingdao Linghai Hot Spring Golf Club

Qingdao Linghai Hot Spring Golf Club (青岛岭海温泉高尔夫球场) is located in the Wenquan Town of Jimo suburb(即墨区温泉镇) in Qingdao(青岛), the city known as the “Oriental Venice”(东方威尼斯). It is one of the golf courses belonging to Nanshan International Golf Club(南山国际高尔夫球会) with international championship standards. The 1022-mu  course, with 18 holes of 7345 yards and 72 pars(标准杆), integrates the characteristics of both the marina course and the forest course. The club has various facilities and services including local food, cultural entertainment, SPA treatment, business-supporting facilities, conference and exhibition facilities, executive private places, and more.

The famous Pan-China Sports Limited Company(北京泛华新兴体育有限公司) designed the course and supervised its construction. The course displays a combined style of a hilly course and a marina course, allowing customers to pursue challenges and to have fun. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for business socialization, for leisure family sports, for spending holidays and for enjoying life.
Chinese Name:青岛岭海温泉高尔夫球场(18洞)
Chinese ADD:山东青岛即墨市鳌山卫
Tel:0532 86578606 68962359
Translated by Duan Xuewen/段雪雯