Zhuozhou Dongjingdu Golf Club

Zhuozhou Dongjingdu Golf Club/ Beijing East Capital Golf Club(东京都高尔夫俱乐部有限公司) is situated in NO.2 zhuozhoujingdu tourism avenue in south suburb of Beijing(北京南郊涿州京都旅游大道2号), being opposite to zhuozhou movie town of CCTV(中央电视台涿州影视城).The Jingdu tourism avenue(京都旅游大道), named after the company, is across from the east to the west in zhuozhou(涿州), connecting the two ball park, in that case to create the biggest tourism district around the jingjingji area(京津冀地区), that is called jingdu commercial tourism area(京都商务旅游度假区).

Chinese Name:东京都高尔夫俱乐部 (27洞)
Chinese ADD:保定市涿州京都旅游大道2号
Tel:0312 3871666