Qufu Shimenshan Countryside Sports Club

Qufu Shimen Mountain Country Club(曲阜石门山乡村俱乐部) is the first and only golf club in Qufu city. It is located in Shimen Mountain Tourism Scenic Area(石门山旅游风景区) in Qufu City. At the foot of Daniu Mountain, there is a fine view of scenic magnificent landscape. The club is a Sino-foreign joint venture. With the total area of 1.01 million square meters, it is a standard 18-hole membership golf club. The design philosophy of the course is giving full play to the characteristics of the upland course, emphasizing the original ecology, preserving the original ecology and creating the greatest value with the least investment. There are original bare rocks and fruit trees in the course.

Owing to those fruit trees, tourists stand a chance to try the original fruits in the ripening season. Challenging fairways satisfy golfers who enjoy the pleasure of conquest. As for the greening part, not merely retaining the original trees, we also planted a large number of local special-shaped trees with appropriate density, height and variety. The peach trees in the fairway remind people about the famous ancient Chinese prose <Peach Blossom Spring> and enjoy the comfort of the land of outside world.

Golf accessories: dining venues

Golf features: the stadium design fully exploits the characteristics of the mountain course, highlights the original ecology, and retains the original ecology to the utmost extent.

Golf type: Mountain Course

Address: Shimen Mountain(石门山), Dongzhuang Township(董庄乡), Qufu City, Jining City

Bench: 72

Site area: 11,000 square meters

Number of holes: 18

Business hours: 8:00-17:00 (end of November – early March of the following year, the opening hours have been announced by the stadium)

Customer Service Tel: 0537-4890890

Chinese Name:山东曲阜石门山乡村高尔夫俱乐部 (18洞)
Chinese ADD:山东曲阜董庄乡
Translaterd By Veronica Shen