Qufu Climate

Summer sees south wind, and it is impacted by tropical maritime air mass so high temperature and rainy days are normal. Winter experiences north wind and it is influenced by continental polar air so it welcomes sunny but cold days.
The spring and autumn are the two seasons for atmospheric circulation adjustment period, appearing with dry windy spring and quick return of warmth. Autumn is cool, but sometimes cloudy or rainy weather appears.

The highest temperature of the year is in July, with an average temperature of 27.4 ℃; the lowest is in January, with an 1.4 ℃ of mean temperature. Rainfall here concentrates from June to September. Qufu “San Kong” visiting is suitable for anytime, but usually, people tend to visit there among June and September. Those months are peak time of Qufu traveling.

Clothing Advice
It is necessary for you to take an umbrella with you in summer because it rains suddenly in summer.

It is necessary for you to take a coat because of its cool weather.

Take care of UV protection because of the hot weather and strong ultraviolet rays.

Prepare a big backpack for carrying drinking water and food.