Qufu Attractions

Qufu is one of the most concentrated areas of humanistic landscape in China. There you could experience one of the most splendid culture---Confucian culture; there you could get comprehensive information about Confucius; there you could enjoy picturesque scenery. The Confucian Temple, the Confucius Family Mansion and the Confucian Confucius Cemetery in Qufu were listed in the World Heritage in 1994.

Of these three sacred buildings, the Temple of Confucius, the representative classical architecture complex of Confucianism, is praised as the 'Number One Temple in China', and it covers an area of 16,000 square meters and has a total of 460 rooms. The Confucius Family Mansion is the place where the direct descendants of Confucius lived. Besides, you could visit the Mausoleum of Shao Hao(少昊稜), who was an emperor before Xia dynasty, and the Zhougong Temple (周公庙) that was built to commemorate Jidan(姬旦) who was one son of King Wen of the Zhou dynasty(周文王).

What’s more, you could climb Nishan Mountain and Shimenshan Mountain to enjoy beautiful scenery if you get tired of enjoying historical sites.