Qufu Travel Tips

Useful Numbers

Emergency Numbers:

  • Fire: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Traffic: 122
  • Ambulance: 120
  • Tourist Complaint: 0537-4490799
  • Jinan Yaoqiang Airport Inquiry: 0531-82086666
  • Shandong Tourist Complaints: 0531-82963423

Post Office

Zip code:273100

Qufu Post Office
Location: No. 12 Gulou North Street, Qufu
Tel: 0537-4414444, 0537-4410678


Qufu People's Hospital
Location: No.67 Tianguandi Street.


The Bank of China (Qufu Branch): Foreign currency can be exchanged in the Bank of China
Location: No.6 Chunqiu Road

Book Store

The Xinhua Book Store is recommended, and it is located at the south end of the Datong Road.


Qufu Normal University
Location: No.57 Jingxuan Road (West)


When you climb, you need to keep suitable speed for your hiking to avoid muscle strain.

When you rest, you could do some massage to prevent muscle stiffness.

You’d better stop climbing when you want to enjoy the scenery.


It is necessary for you to get some information about the history of Qufu and Confucius before you start visiting Qufu.

You’d better keep quiet when you are visiting temples.

You’d better not touch things when you are visiting historic sites because most of these things in these historic sites of Qufu have been existing for a long time.

Taking photos is not allowed in some places, so you should pay attention to signs that can give you instructions. Mostly taking photos in temples is forbidden in China because you should keep solemn when you visit temples.