Qufu Dining

There are number of restaurants and snacks stalls that you could eat authentic dishes and snacks in Qufu. Here is some information about Qufu food and places you could refer to.

What to Eat

  • Celestial Duck(神仙鸭子): The Celestial Duck is one of the famous traditional dishes in Shandong province, which belongs to Kongfu cuisine. It is said that it originated from Kong Fangpo(孔繁坡)who was a descendant of Confucius.
  • Fushoumianchang(福寿绵长): It belonged to Kong cuisine. In the past, it didn’t offer to ordinary people. However, it is available to ordinary people now. It is made from noodles and a sauced carp. It means good luck and long life.
  • Fenghuangyuchi(凤凰鱼翅): It is one of the most famous specialties in Qufu. It emphasizes ingredients. And the main ingredients are a chick and shark's fin.
  • Smoked Tofu(熏豆腐): It belongs to the Kong Family Feast. It is made of tofu. It looks charred and crisp. But actually, it tastes pulpy.

Where to Eat

  • Quelibinshe Restaurant(阙里宾舍): It is located in No. 1 Queli Street. It is very near to Confucius Family Mansion. Some specialties are a little expensive, but home style dishes are cheap. And the decoration of this restaurant is quaint.
  • Luchengwangshi Restaurant(鲁城往事): It is located behind the Hanting Hotel. It looks very common from the outside, but the decoration inside is special and characteristic. Luchengwangshi Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, and the portions are huge.
  • Apricot Altar Hotel(杏坛酒店): It is located in No.36, Datong Road. It has fourteen dining halls and features the Kong Family Feast and a wide selection of local dishes.
  • Rulinju Restaurant(儒林聚餐馆): It is located in No. 9, Gulou Street. It offers many dishes that belong to the Kong Family Feast. Smoked tofu here are very delicious.

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