Ordos Mongolian Wedding Park in Ordos

Ordos Mongolian Wedding Park

Ordos Mongolian Wedding Park is a park with the theme of displaying Ordos traditional Mongolian wedding, Chinese traditional wedding and love culture. The park covers an area of 380000 square meters, 1000m long from north to South and 380m wide from east to west.

Why is Ordos Mongolian Wedding Park So Special?

The sculpture in the park includes the theme sculpture that shows the whole process of Mongolian wedding, the abstract participatory sculpture that symbolizes Chinese folk wedding and love culture, the sculpture of the zodiac, the sculpture of butterfly, etc.

Where is Ordos Mongolian Wedding Park?

Ordos Mongolian Wedding Park is located in the urban green corridor of Kangbashi new area, where sculpture is the highlight of the park.

Main Attractions of Ordos Mongolian Wedding Park

Sculpture is the highlight of the park, mainly divided into two types: the first one is a group of theme sculptures with 13 sculpture platforms as the main line to show the whole process of Mongolian wedding; the second one is an abstract participatory sculpture with Chinese and even world wedding and love culture as the theme, including twelve zodiac sculptures, concentric lock sculptures, butterfly sculptures, etc.

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